A list of Lincoln Uni moments that shouldn’t be embarrassing but are

Some of these keep me up at night

University is full of embarrassing moments. Arriving at 18 years old, feeling like a proper adult, you’ll genuinely believe that the embarrassment of your school days is over. Wrong. Unfortunately, it only gets worse from here. From taking it too far in Freshers’ Week to still getting lost in Minerva Building even in your third year, sometimes uni is just meant to be embarrassing.

While falling down the stairs at Bull or setting off your flat’s smoke alarm easily fit into this category, there is a level of pure awkwardness that transcends this: things that shouldn’t be embarrassing, but just are. These moments are a necessity for every Lincoln student to experience, but this doesn’t make them any less likely to keep you up at night. Is it just awkwardness or are these genuinely the worst things you could ever experience at university? Who knows, but prepare to cringe.

Carrying your shopping back from Morrisons

Not sure why it feels so embarrassing just to be buying food, which is literally necessary for survival. Walking back from the big Morrisons, especially in first year, is a bonding experience for all. Overpacking a carrier bag and having it break is genuinely an initiation into your three years of embarrassment at the University of Lincoln.

Walking up Steep Hill

Being out of breath after trying to pace it up Steep Hill is one of the most humbling experiences known to mankind. Whether you try to maintain composure in order to impress the locals or fully admit defeat and have a break halfway up, Steep Hill shouldn’t be embarrassing but just is.

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Living in an accommodation that nobody’s heard of

Some accommodations are truly an enigma. If you live anywhere other than the holy trinity of Pavs, Courts and Cygnet you might have to prepare for some questions. If you live in an accommodation no one has ever heard of, it is a bit embarrassing. Knowing that you’ll never be known for your iconic pre drinks and having to explain your exact geographical location every time someone wants to come over is just a stress no one needs.

Having to use the stairs at the bridge crossing

This is one that genuinely has the potential to ruin a day. If the barriers have been down for a long time and you head straight for the stairs this is almost not uncomfortable. This becomes top tier embarrassing when you’ve been confidently standing at the crossing for 10 minutes, determined that you’re not going to be facing the stairs, then approximately 100 trains decide to drive by all at once. As the 101st train arrives it is time to lose your pride and sheepishly walk over to the stairs, admitting defeat. Genuinely aspire to be one of the strong people who can just stick it out.

Going to Quack

No explanation is needed. Freshers. Rugby boys. School disco vibes.

Looking for a seat in the library

Deadline season, we hate you. Packing up your bag with your laptop, books, notepad, charger and snacks only to have to walk up and down the stairs searching for a somewhere to sit makes the whole thing feel like a waste of time. Not sure why this feels so embarrassing but there’s something about having to walk up and down past all the people who got there early enough to take YOUR favourite seat that feels like humiliation in its purest form .

Being early or late for a seminar

Early? Awkward. Truly believe there’s nothing worse than having to wait and stand at the door for a seminar, greeting your course mates like a desperate bouncer while you wonder if you’ve got the wrong room.

Late? Pure hell. If you’ve ever miscalculated how long it actually takes to get from your accommodation to Minerva building you’re not alone. I got there in five minutes last week you’ll think (you didn’t), so you decide on confidently staying in bed until 8:45 for your 9 am seminar. You’ll then speed walk the whole way, probably with your bag falling off your shoulder and your hair is destroyed by the wind, all in anticipation of the fresh hell that is walking into a full room where everyone else has already been for 15 minutes.

Seeing someone you met in Freshers’

Knowing that someone met you while you still got drunk on VKs and thought that wearing your lanyard was acceptable is the highest tier of embarrassment. This is one of the rare occasions in life that it’s better to be sober than drunk. Sober, you can smile politely, ask them how their course is going and promise to go round for pres one day soon (you’ll never go). Drunk, this is a nightmare. You’ll either embrace them like a long-lost relative and have to relive the awkwardness as well as your hangxiety when your friend reminds you the next day or just call them the wrong name to their face.

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