Clubbers of the Week: Would you look at that, we’re in Week 17

As you can tell, the rhymes are wearing thin

Lincoln is getting warmer which only means dissertation hand in season is slowly creeping up on us. But instead of focusing on that, we know the only thing on Lincoln students’ minds is how to colour coordinate with the bull next Friday.

Due to us having a small clubbers of the week hiatus last week, this week will have double the fun with two sets of winners from the past two weeks. Did you make it? Tag who you see!

Stunners of the week


I love everything about this photo other than the green VKs

The vibes this pic radiates is next to none

Runners Up

Gorgeous gorgeous girls

Application to be part of this friendship group has been submitted

Creeper of the week


Not very covert

Easy to miss but we can see you

Runners Up

Oh to be this blissfully unaware

The peace sign really adds *something* to this photo

A classic photobomb

Hero of the week


Can’t find the photographer? This’ll do the trick

Vibes n that

Heroine of the week


Peckish while on a night out? Have a starburst

Immaculate vibes

Runners Up

If you’re not doing wordle in the club at midnight then you’re doing it wrong

WTF of the week


Go off I guess

I’m seeing a theme in these WTF moments

Runners Up

I wish I knew what he was looking at to have such a reaction

Album covers of the week


‘Rah what an absolutely dutty tune’

I call this Baywatch: Lincoln Edition

Best dressed clubbers of the week


I just had to create a whole theme for these two legends

Unhappy clubbers of the week


This is unsettling

Runners Up

Definitely dropped his VK on the floor

Squad of the week


Whatever the theme was it made me laugh while doing this and thus you are crowned this week’s squad of the week

They understood the assignment

Runners Up

All round good vibes

It’s not a party without Bully

Special Mention

Let me guess, Good 4 u?

Image credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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