A round up of Lincoln students’ best furry friends

I want to adopt them all

As January draws to a close, deadline season becomes a forgotten memory (despite part of your soul living forever in the library). So, what better way to celebrate the end of hell-month with some of your amazing pets!


Starting strong with the mischievous Stormzy!

Now the name may sound familiar…but this little fella really is one of a kind. His favourite hobbies include climbing the Christmas tree, jumping in the fruit bowl and chasing butterflies. He really is as fluffy as they come, and his constant psycho glare is enough to make anyone fall for him.

Maggie and Tess

Next, we have the flamboyant Maggie and the heart-melting Tess. These best buds are Staffordshire Bull Terriers and are some of the gentlest doggies on Earth. Despite her constant smiley face, Mags has a lot of enemies, including the lamp, hoover, exercise bike, hairdryer and most importantly…tape! Tess however is quite content munching away on her carrots.

If you want to see more of these cuties, follow maggie_the_maniac2020 on Insta!


This cheeky lady is 14-year-old Tiggy (full name Tiggywinkle). She’s the Regina George of her yard, with her sassy moods and multiple boyfriends. However, she is also extremely loveable, enjoys cuddles and is amazing with children.

Scruffy, Arthur and Merlin

Next up is Scruffy the dog, a retired racing greyhound and his feline besties Arthur and Merlin. Described as a “gang of brothers” these fellas are absolutely iconic. Whether it’s sporting fabulous festive headwear, diving out of windows or playing cat-fetch, this gang is certainly memorable.


Cutest cat award? This heart-melting kitty loves the finer things in life and you’ll often find him snacking on salmon like the king he is. His hobbies include flirting with vets and hanging out with his elderly bestie Elsa (the two are practically inseparable). This little poser sure knows how to make the ladies swoon.

Honourable mentions


Obsessed with this fluffy guy!


Wow, such a mood.



The grand finale…my boys Gibbs and McGee

I have certainly saved the best until last. In the iconic duo Hall of Fame, there’s Ant and Dec, Holly and Phillip and the most elite of all, these two golden boys! Gibbs (aka Pip-Pop, Gibbles, GlibGlob) loves drinking tea, hunting for burgers, and gate-crashing picnics. Whereas McGee (aka Mig-Mog, Muggles, Windy-face) loves heated blankets, squirrels and being the little spoon.

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