A group of Lincoln students love Towers so much they had the logo tattooed on them

No, I’m not kidding

Seven students at the University of Lincoln paid homage to their favourite bar by getting a tattoo of its logo on themselves.

Towers, which is one of the Students’ Union bars in Lincoln gave all the students a free pint for their commitment to them.

The idea originally began as a drunken thought in 2019 when they had just started university and following a number of lockdowns, it has now become a reality.

Euan is one of the seven students who got the tattoo. He told the Lincoln Tab: “The reason we got the tattoo was originally a drunken thought back in 2019 when we first join university. We had flirted with the idea and always said we were going to do it as it was something to remember our time at uni together and we all met in Towers and have been going there pretty much everyday since.

“One individual took it upon themselves to book it late last year and we had it done a week ago.”

Euan doesn’t regret getting the tattoo at all, “it will be a reminder of my time at uni,” he said. It’ll be something each of them “will all have to explain throughout our lives.”

Holly got the Towers logo on her ankle and she said it was originally just a joke they all had when in Towers in their first year. “We pretty much went to Tower Bar everyday and god knows how much we spent there, there is seven of us and we all go to watch the football.

“As soon as lockdown was lifted we booked it for the 25th of Jan and got it!”

In a social media post, Towers said: “There is a rumour going around that people are getting our Towers logo tattooed on them. If this rumour is true, we want to thank you for your commitment to us. Head down to see us today, Saturday or Sunday, and show our Towers Manager for a weekend treat!”

The students were all invited down and got a free pint from their beloved bar.

George also got the tattoo and he said: “In second year the talk of the tattoo came up again and some of us said we would be open to getting it. After a while, we agreed we would all get it we just didn’t know when or where. Now that most of us are in third year and some of us are leaving soon we thought why not.

“I see the tattoo as the mark of the group, Towers and uni as a whole and it’s something we wouldn’t want to forget and now we won’t.”

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