10 Eurovision memes every Lincoln student can relate to

Despite the UK scoring zero, we can laugh about it… right?

In case you somehow missed it, Eurovision 2021 took place last weekend. The show had been cancelled in 202o due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this year it came back in full swing, with UK host Graham Norton providing his usual witty commentary.

This year the competition was fierce, held in 2019 champion’s Duncan Laurance’s homeland of Rotterdam (although Laurance was unable to perform, as the champions usually do, as a result of a positive coronavirus test).

It is no secret that Britain rarely makes it high on the tables, and this year was no exception. We managed the nice round score of zero (yes, zero) points. Which, when you think about it, is a kind of achievement in itself. Luckily, we also know how to laugh in the face of defeat, a habit many a student can also make.

Here are the best memes from this year’s Eurovision that every Lincoln student can relate to:

1. An accurate representation of me and my friends after Bull

2. The general vibe of being a Lincoln student

3. When you want that grade but you barely pay attention to your lectures so you bring yourself down to the lowest of the low: sucking up

4. My mood when the girl next to me gets the Quack duck

5. Checking yourself in the mirror before a night out is simply not enough, club flash photography is brutal

6. When I am asked how my assignments are going

7. When the tickets for Bull are in the basket one second and gone the next

8. Me @ my friends in Spoons after one too many pitchers

9. When you’re the only one who takes Quack’s themes seriously

10. When you know this shot will be your last

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