In pictures: Carousel, Lincoln’s amazing new arcade bar

Spoiler: it’s as cool as it sounds

A couple of weeks back, I was sat scrolling through Facebook (looking for fun Linconfess posts, as you do) when I got an ad for a new bar set to open on the 19th of May. The picture showed a huge bar filled with funfair themed décor, with the promise of insane cocktails and – obviously – a range of arcade games for you to try. Naturally, I got my boyfriend to book us a table for the opening night and I can promise you, we were not disappointed.

The drinks

Let’s start by talking about the drinks (the most important aspect of any good bar, I’m sure you’ll agree). In usual awkward Gen-Z fashion, I looked at the menu before we arrived. Carousel serves everything from traditional cocktails to their own ‘Fairground Cocktails’ which included drinks like Dreamland Drop, which is served in a small carafe along with a margarita glass that has been stuffed with candyfloss (we ordered this one multiple times, because who doesn’t love watching candyfloss disappear like that??).

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a fun drink that reminds you of the summer, you should definitely try one of their alcoholic slushies. These drinks are served in twister cups that are probably the size of my forearm and, honestly, it doesn’t take much to entertain me. I was obsessed with these drinks.

The games

Wanting to try out as much as possible, we also booked a slot on the shuffleboards. Did we have any idea how to play before we came? No. Did we have a good time anyway? Absolutely. The staff directed us over to the game and explained the basic rules to the game for us. Sadly, I think I only won one game in the hour slot we had booked (my competitive side was definitely not raging afterwards).

If shuffleboard isn’t your thing, there’s the option to book darts or quickdraw too. And you can book these prior to arrival or while you’re there – which is great if you’re as indecisive as I am.


Lastly, but certainly not least, the arcade. If you go up to the first floor, you’ll find a huge range of games to choose from. Using chips that you can order through Carousel’s app, ask for from your waiter, or using the coin changer, you will find yourself struggling where to go first. There’s everything from air hockey to Mario and Sonic Olympic Games.

Once again I was the worst at all of these, but I was too busy enjoying myself to care. Note: I did win air hockey, and no it wasn’t because I’m an ‘aggressive player’.

Thinking that we would only spend a couple of hours at Carousel, I was surprised when I realised it was almost closing time as we left. Whacky, bright and intoxicating, Carousel is definitely the place to be if you want to have a laugh with your mates and enjoy a different kind of night out.

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