Uni of Lincoln’s Student Wellbeing Team creates new Student Life app

The app was developed for students, by students to help get the most out of your time at uni

The University’s Student Wellbeing team has partnered with Student Life to create a new app aimed to enhance the wellbeing and mental health support for students transitioning from school to university. The app has a range of features including weekly challenges, time management tools, and wellbeing exercises.

Uni of Lincoln Student Life was developed on a platform provided by UniWellBeing, a company that specialises in supporting student wellbeing. The teams at the university have customised the standard app to use and promote the content created by the students at the University of Lincoln.

A first-year University of Lincoln student said: “The features within the application have been brilliant for helping me navigate life as a new student in Lincoln. The mood tracker has been especially useful, being able to track my emotions while being a student during the coronavirus pandemic and has stopped me feeling so overwhelmed while coming into a new way of living and learning.”

The app was started up as part of a project by Student Life in collaboration with the University’s Student Wellbeing team, with funding from the Office for Students. The project’s aim is to provide more accessible wellbeing and mental health support, especially for new students making the transition from school to university. The app also provides the Student Life team with another platform to promote the student-created content that they publish to new students, helping them to fully prepare for life as a student in Lincoln.

With the funding from the Office for Students, more features are to be added to the app on a regular basis to help make the user experience more enjoyable and access to support, information, and student-created content even easier.

Tom Wright, Head of Student Life, said: “We’ve had around 850 students sign up as users on the app, which is around 22% of new students. We’re really pleased with this and we’re even more pleased that a good proportion of these students are continuing to engage with the app and the content we promote through it on an ongoing and regular basis.

“We’re planning a survey of students who downloaded the app soon to get more feedback from them about what they think about it and how we can improve it for new students next academic year.”

The Uni of Lincoln Student Life app is available to download on both the Apple app store and Google Play store now.

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