‘We were followed by a guy in a clown suit’: YouTuber Charlotte Emily on uni life at Lincoln

‘Treat your body like someone you love’

If you’ve been at Lincoln for the past couple of years or are a fresher who was keen on getting an insight into what Lincoln Uni life entailed pre-corona, then you may have come across YouTuber Charlotte Emily Price. Lincoln is home to some well-known faces in the YouTube and TikTok game, including Luke Birch, Alice Thorpe, and Jess Hickey.

Charlotte’s main channel is comprised of videos on fashion, travel, mental health, and self-love and has accumulated 995,392 views. She has a separate vlog channel with a focus on university life, travel, and mental health, where she has over 8,000 subscribers. The Lincoln Tab spoke to Charlotte about her time at the University of Lincoln.

What were your favourite things about studying at Lincoln?

“My favourite things definitely had to be how communal the city was. It felt like a huge community with small and big businesses supporting each other in town, the university working closely with places around the city and the closeness of the campus helped me learn so much about the industry as a whole!

Do you have any memorable moments from nights out in Lincoln?

I think any night out in Lincoln was memorable – I vlogged most of my nights out too so looking back at them on YouTube is funny and also very embarrassing!

I’m so glad I filmed those moments to look back on though, definitely don’t regret it!

Do you have any night out horror stories?

My biggest horror story from a Lincoln night out was when my drink was spiked. Not an enjoyable night at all! It will definitely remind me to stay more alert and weary.

What is your funniest uni memory throughout your time at Lincoln?

My funniest memory would probably also have to be one of the scariest moments.

One night me and my housemates finished a pub quiz, walked home and noticed we were being followed by a 6’4 guy in a clown suit all the way up to our doorstep.

The police were called but they didn’t manage to catch the guy – looking back and thinking a clown followed us home sounds funny but also such a crazy memory that it doesn’t seem real.

How did you find managing both your YouTube channel and uni work?

It was definitely a challenge balancing university and social media. I found myself either prioritising one or the other and not getting a perfect balance.

If I had important deadlines to work towards, editing and YouTube would take the back seat for a few weeks but most of the time I managed to edit in my evenings and revise/study during the day.

via Instagram @charlotteemilyprice

Have you encountered any awkward moments at uni from your YouTube career?

So many – they make me cringe a lot! There have been several times where a YouTube video is playing in a lecture and then my video will come up on the recommended and start playing in front of everyone – so embarrassing!

I hate hearing other people watch my videos when I’m in the room so I just find that super awkward. I also bumped into a lot of people who watched me on nights out but most of the time, it’s funny rather than embarrassing!

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to pursue a YouTube career whilst being at uni?

I’d say make sure you balance your time well. I’m a massive organisation freak so I’d have my filming, editing, and upload schedule all planned out in one planner and then my university work in another. If you’re prepared and stay organised, then you’ll be able to balance YouTube alongside your degree.

How does it feel being recognised in public or on campus when you were at the university?

I loved being recognised so much! I think because my content was very niche and Lincoln-related when I was living there that it was quite common to bump into someone who watched me or saw me on social media. I’ve made so many amazing friends because of it so I love chatting to people who enjoy what I do, I appreciate the confidence to interact too because I definitely couldn’t!

via Instagram @charlotteemilyprice

Lincoln Courts gets a lot of flack, what was it like living in Courts in first year?

I actually loved it! So many people say it gives them prison vibes but I just enjoyed getting to know my housemates, being close to the uni, and decorating my little room. The showers were a nightmare but other than that, I don’t really have any complaints!

What do you think of the vlogging community in Lincoln?

I didn’t really know many vloggers in Lincoln, but the ones I did know I met up with and created a really great bond. One of my best friends now, Ames Banks, also vlogged in Lincoln and we do a podcast together now! I also am close friends with Alice Thorpe so I think the community is small but very open and inviting.

What is your advice for students currently in lockdown?

Make yourself a routine that works for you. Don’t feel pressure to work 9-5 or to be constantly productive, it’s very hard sticking to deadlines and navigating uni life, even without being in the midst of a pandemic.

Just find a routine that fits around your lifestyle and stick to that instead. For example, I’d probably start my days a little later as I like a lie-in and would much rather work into the evenings!

via Instagram @charlotteemilyprice

What advice can you give to those struggling with their body image and self love?

Treat your body like someone you love. This is my favourite quote to anyone struggling to love their body and the skin they’re in. You would never point out your mum’s stretch marks. You wouldn’t call your friend ugly or fat or that they have rolls.

So why are you saying that about yourself? You only have yourself at the end of the day so why not accept your body and turn that negative energy into something positive!

The Swan or Tower Bar?

This is a hard one! I’d say Swan in first year because it was close to courts and we loved their pub quiz on a Sunday night! However, Tower Bar had the best food and was perfect for chilled study sessions during the day so I’d have to go Tower Bar overall!

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