We asked students what their favourite thing about living in Lincoln is

It’s small but we love it

Whether it be the nightlife, the literal walking distance of everything or just the loving community, Lincoln seems to have a place for everyone.

To celebrate everything great about our home, we asked Lincoln students exactly what it is that they love about our swan infested city.

Jess, 18, Journalism

"Everything is so close so coming to and from uni is incredibly easy. I'd also say the shops on the high street are really good, especially if you want to quickly nip to Primark."

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Love those high street bargains

Jack, 22, Magazine Journalism

"Why I like living in Lincoln? One word, Bierkelller."

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Callum, 22, Business and Management

"Very social community, and everything is easy to walk to. Can't forget the amazing cathedral as well."

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Steep hill is worth the pain

Joe, 18, Journalism

"Definitely the views."

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Can't go wrong with a sunset view over the Brayford

Jade, 18, Law and Criminology

"I love the community and how safe it feels. I know that everyone wants to support each other here."

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We are a nice bunch

Olivia, 18, Criminology

"The sights, I really like the historic aspects of it such as the castle and cathedral, it's such a pretty city and relaxing place to live."

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The cathedral makes Lincoln to be fair

Martell, 23, Law

"I like how Lincoln is quiet and everything is so close together. You don't have to go to great lengths to get to places."

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You can literally leave the house 10 mins before a lecture

Toni, 18, Zoology

"It's great to see so much culture and beauty compact together in such a small city."

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Wetherspoons is definitely part of this culture

Lucy, 18, Law

"I'd probably say the thing I love the most about Lincoln is Steep Hill. Once you get there, there's so many cute coffee shops and antique shops."

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Don't forget the vintage pubs

Joe, 18, Sports Coaching & Development

"I like how Bierkeller lets everyone go on the table, the amazing atmosphere in there and how it has a pub vibe to it."

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So apparently students in Lincoln love Bierkeller, the views and the relaxed vibe of the place the most. Who would have thought?