The truth about being a shot girl in Lincoln

‘Girls are in no way told to dress slutty’

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For some of us the thought of being a shot-girl in Lincoln is far from appealing – picture major groping, extreme abuse and not to mention a shit tonne of sticky drink spillage down our arms.

After chatting to second year Journalism student Emma Calder though, it really doesn’t seem that bad.

19-year-old Emma picks up shifts in Trebles, Walkabout and Home, working two nights a week – finishing at around two am.

She said: “Start of second year, when I was on my summer holidays, I saw that Trebles were advertising for shot girls. You just needed to message to say you were interested and I started end of August.”

Shotgirl Emma in HOME

Once Emma started her new found job in some of the biggest clubbing venues on the Lincoln scene, she quickly discovered the plus side to working for a club:  “It’s just nice little perks where the staff are just that little bit nicer to you. There’s staff parties where there’s so much free alcohol, there’s just buckets of it.”

Emma also added: “I won a free bottle for winning the shot girl award- which I downed and then was immediately sick down another shot-girls back.”

When questioning the Journo student on her uniform attire, Emma explained that the girls are in no way told to dress slutty – but are told to look professional.

She said: “I’ve never been told you can’t wear this, you can’t wear that. I wear fake vans, a pair of leggings and a baggy top.

“Some of the other shot girls do wear low tops and shorts and heels but I don’t have time for that.”

Her boyfriend, Josh, doesn’t have a problem with his girlfriend working the shots: “Obviously he doesn’t like it when I come back and I’m like ‘somebody grabbed my booty’. I think that bothers him.

“At the same time, he knows I don’t do the things some of the other shot girls do. Some guys some nights say ‘I’ll buy shots off you if you give me a kiss’, and I’m just like yeah no. He knows I don’t do any of that.”

As far creepy Lincoln guys go, Emma insists that it’s really not as bad as you’d expect: “You don’t get any more ass-grabbing than you when you go clubbing. Maybe even less actually.

“I find them really funny. The other night this one guy came up, eyes locked on me, doing the the most swaggery walk ever. He was trying all the lines in the book. Some creepy guys are just hilarious.”

No creeps thank you

It seems that even though testosterone-fueled geezers can be laughed off while shot-girling, ruder (and most likely drunker) members of the club are not always as easy to shrug off. She explained: “It’s a hundred per cent always girls that will stick their hand in your face and it’s the rudest thing ever. The guys around them normally laugh – everybody around that sort of girl will realise that it’s rude.”

“Guys are a lot more banter with it. They’ll be like ‘I’ll buy one of those shots’ and then you’re like ‘thanks!’ then they’re like ‘yeah I was kidding’. It’s annoying but yeah.”

Emma was pretty secretive about her selling technique- telling us she has a secret behind her success that she hasn’t shared with anyone.

She said: “The main thing I do that other shot girls don’t is that I talk to people that you maybe wouldn’t think would buy them. It’s the older people that surprise you. The other day a guy that looked no younger than 50 bought 20 shots.

“You just need to go up to people and talk to them. I always do better on nights when I don’t dress up – people like to think shot girls are approachable – not ‘oh you think you’re better than me’.”

The shot girl award winner also said she would encourage anyone to apply that thinks would be interested.

She said: “The team is genuinely a really lovely group and we’re really welcoming.”