Meet the third year who’s been kicked out of every nightclub in Lincoln

He once tried to bribe a bouncer with a kebab

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English third year Adam doesn’t have much luck when it comes to clubbing.

Whether it’s due to a lack of alcohol tolerance or just sheer bad timing, he has earned the title of the boy that has been chucked out of every nightclub in Lincoln.

Adam explained that although he doesn’t break anything or get into any fights, he always seemed to be turfed out long before closing time.

“I don’t even do anything that bad”, he said. “I just get far too drunk.”

Is he okay?

Adam doesn’t usually remember getting thrown out, although he believes the earliest time he’s had to leave was at the tender time of 12.30pm, following spending £95 at Superbull (That’s a hell of lot of £2 doubles).

The Londoner said: “My mate says one of his earliest memories of me is when he was going down the stairs into Lola Lo’s as I was being dragged up the stairs by a bouncer at the same time”

We all love a “my mates absolutely smashed” selfie

Amongst standing on bars and jumping over barriers, Adam’s main downfall is vomiting within a nearby perimeter of a bouncer. “I once threw up literally at his feet.”

The English student normally admits defeat and retreats home- however, sometimes he pushes his luck a little bit.

He said: “I got kicked out of Superbull 3 times in one night once, so I climbed over the barrier and ran in and they took me back out.

“The other time I tried to bribe ’em with a kebab. It didn’t work.”

A pissed up mess offering a half eaten meal of animal fat to a club bouncer? We’re baffled how Adam’s persuasion didn’t win them over.

Despite his drunken antics, Adam will continue to bless Lincoln’s nightlife with his presence. Even if it is for only half a hour.