Fruity has cancelled its ‘The Fruitys That Never Happened’ week

We just want blue VKs, sweaty dancefloors and Tinie Tempah’s ‘Pass Out’ played at a deafening volume

Fruity, the LUU official club night, has cancelled it’s five back-to-back club nights.

The five-day extravaganza included themed club nights, to celebrate the wind-down of lockdown, as it was hoped that England would have moved to step four in the lockdown plan on June 21st.

Fruity, the official club night of LUU, promised for an unforgettable week, with Mr Brightside on aux, lots of VKs ready to yeet and an incredible atmosphere.

The ultimate cheese-factor event had planned and released tickets for a full five-day extravaganza this June. This marathon of events was titled, in Friends-episode-name-style, “The Fruitys That Never Happened.”

Each day represented a special Fruity event that was missed due to pandemic restrictions and lockdowns: Valentine’s, Christmas, and Halloween Fruity, along with the annual Fruity birthday bash.

Tickets sold in droves. All of the events quickly sold out, and the ticket site crashed as Leeds students rushed to purchase their beloved tickets.

However, all of the Fruity events depended upon the easing of lockdown restrictions expected to happen. The government had hoped to remove all legal limits on social contact from 21st June – but this was not to be.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson announced that this date has been pushed back to the 19th July. Clearly (and devastatingly), the party can no longer go on.

So, what happens now? Will there be refunds? Though there’s been no official update from Fruity’s social media pages, the Union has posted an update on its own website about the cancelled Fruity events.

The Leeds Tab also reached out to LUU, who told us: “We are as disappointed as I imagine many of our students are that the change in lockdown easing doesn’t allow us to run the “Fruitys That Never Happened Week.”

“We are automatically processing tickets to give a full refund which students will receive in 5-10 days.”

Screenshot of post stating that all Fruity events are cancelled.

A screenshot of the website confirming Fruity has been cancelled

That doesn’t mean we aren’t sad about it. The Leeds Tab spoke to second-year student Jacob, who told us: “Yeah, I thought there was a big chance that fruity would get cancelled [because] of all the stuff still going on.

“Thought it was a bit daft of them to sell tickets with no government announcement yet, but oh well.”

He added that he: “Hope[s] they do them again when uni starts.”

Another student, Emma, felt similarly: “I was so excited for the ones I got tickets for and we wanted to dress up for the Halloween one.”

At least we’ll get our money back. Here’s hoping the Union decides to give it another go after the 19th July.

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