Fruity just announced it’s hosting five events in one week after restrictions end

Find your Fruity t-shirts, we’re going out

Fruity, the iconic Friday Leeds University Union event, just announced it’s planning to host five events in one week after coronavirus restrictions end on the 21st of June, in line with government guidelines.

In a post on their Facebook page, Fruity said the events were to make up for “the Fruity’s that never happened”. The events will run from Monday 21st June to Friday 26th June, and tickets are available to buy from midday on the 2nd of March.

Each night will recreate an iconic themed event that was missed due to coronavirus restrictions. The first event will be on Monday 21st June (Fruity’s birthday bash), followed by Tuesday (Fruity Valentines), Wednesday (Fruity Christmas), Thursday (Fruity Halloween), and Friday (the summer finale).

The post read: “Picture this… it’s June 21st and the sun is shining. You’ve spent the afternoon sat in Hyde Park with your best mates running back and forth to saino’s. You’re a little pink in places but you don’t care because you’re finally wearing that outfit you’ve been saving for months. Someone finally say’s it ‘Shall we go Fruity?’.

“You hop in a taxi to the Union. You get to the door and the place is packed. You scramble through your phone to find your E-Ticket and hear Mr Brightside playing in the distance. You get to the bar and grab your VK’s. Those unmistakable Fruity tunes fills your ears. You’re back.

The Fruity’s that never happened. 1 week. 5 Fruitys.”

In the first lockdown, Fruity hosted virtual events, one of which attracted 6000 attendees. But this news is even better. We can’t wait.

You can buy tickets here. They go on sale 2nd March 2020 at midday.