Ticket site crashes as Leeds students struggle to book tickets for Fruity

At this point, I’d pay £150 to throw a VK across the dance floor

Fruity tickets went on sale at 12pm today, and the FIXR app and website stopped responding almost immediately. Students were on the edge of their seats as they struggled to purchase tickets for the events.

Leeds students experienced the website and app lagging, crashing, processing payments then refunding them, cutting them out midway through entering card details, and experienced a whole host of other technical difficulties.

Last night the iconic Friday Leeds University Union event, just announced it’s planning to host five events in one week after coronavirus restrictions end on the 21st of June, in line with government guidelines.

In response to the difficulty, Fruity posted to Facebook: “Wow, we’re so glad to see you’re all as excited as us!

“We’re sorry we’re experiencing technical some difficulties on the site. There are plenty of tickets left, we’ll be back up soon, so keep trying”.

Lots of people experienced the website time out

Monday 21st (Birthday Bash) appeared to sell out in just over 30 minutes. Ciaran, 3rd year Mechanical Engineering, who thinks he got the last Monday ticket, told The Leeds Tab: “The whole website is on it’s knees, begging for mercy. But I got it. I got the last ticket”. More Monday tickets became available later, so it appears Ciaran did not in fact get the last ticket.

University of Leeds student, Jake, told the Leeds Tab: “My lounge is like a trading floor. This makes Wall Street look like Sky Bet.”

It took forever to process payments and secure tickets

It took forever to process payments and secure tickets

The events will run the week after coronavirus restrictions are eased. Each night will recreate an iconic themed event that was missed due to coronavirus restrictions. The first event will be on Monday 21st June (Fruity’s birthday bash), followed by Tuesday (Fruity Valentines), Wednesday (Fruity Christmas), Thursday (Fruity Halloween), and Friday (the summer finale).

It was so hard to get tickets that students were back on Leeds Student Group (LSG) begging for tickets. Amelia said: “Its that time again – anyone selling fruity??? Anyway pls pls”.

On LSG, some were bidding up to £50 for 2 Tuesday tickets. One student reportedly offered to pay £45 for one sold out ticket.

And of course, the memes rolled in.

Tom Holman posted this to LSG

Monday and Friday now appear to be sold out. The events will run for five nights commencing Monday the 21st June.

You can attempt to buy a ticket here.

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