The many struggles of being a basic white bitch in edgy Leeds

Honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now

You heard it was slightly more "quirky" up North (thanks mum,) but you just assumed that meant wearing your Primark boots with a pair of dungarees and a velvet scrunchie. Instead, you were greeted with metallic puffer jackets, fishnet tights and a whole new concept of what it really means to be "edgy".

Having to go to Canal Mills when all you really want to do is listen to RiRi with a spoons pitcher in your hand

All your edgy friends bang on about Beaver Works and Canal Mills, so you rock up to pres in a sequin bralet and velvet culottes, and hope that everyone's forgotten about the avo toast on your snapchat story this morning.

But then the Uber pulls up to an industrial estate in the middle of who-the-fuck-knows where and you spend your night freezing to death knowing that you could have been on your eighth tequila by now in the comfort and warmth of your local spoons.

Being unable to pull of that 'Edgy Leeds' low maintenance look

If I leave my hair natural, wear minimal makeup and throw on some ripped mom jeans I literally look homeless.

Where are the curlers?

Where is the entire collection of Urban Decay Naked palettes?

And most importantly, where is the Garnier Summerbody gradual tan?

Because yes, I am that girl.

How do they do it?

How do they do it?

That's more like it

That's more like it

Hoop earrings are about as edgy as it gets for you

Bigger the hoop, bigger the hoe.

Trying, and failing to branch out in your love life

You attempt to date really edgy boys that have spent their summer in Africa building houses solely with the goodness of their own heart, but you just end up reverting back to your old type- fuck boys.

Yes, you try to understand how their trip has opened their eyes to an exotic new culture and changed them as a person, but let's be honest all it takes to win you over is the winky face emoji and a cheeky Nandos for two.

Hoping that the chance to decorate your new uni room will reveal the true edgy goddess that you just know is hiding inside

After taking inspo from those in Hyde Park, you create a mental list of all things you hope will enhance your edginess by at least 10%

Mandala tapestry? Check.

Posters from the warehouse raves you were forced to go to? Check.

Arty polaroids that are mostly vape? Check.

But secretly, all you crave is the rose gold decor and fairy lights of your true self.

Rose Gold Lamp hit me up

Rose Gold Lamp hit me up

Yes that really is sparkly netting

Yes that really is sparkly netting

Last but not least, Missguided.

No explanation needed.

This is her fourth parcel this week

This is her fourth parcel this week