Tilly Brogan

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Giving a whole new meaning to deadline stress

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There was 63,000 new students this year

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And yes, we do have merch

10 years ago a Leeds student was murdered in his Hyde Park bedroom. This is the story of what happened

Joe Cook was just 20 when he died in Ebberston Terrace

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They’ve committed to having a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030

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Last year we were their biggest fans, this year we’re shamelessly dragging everything they’ve ever done on our twitter feeds. Why do we love to hate this year’s love islanders?

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Leeds Uni ranks top 10 in The Guardian league tables 2019

I told you it’s not just ket and gravy, mum

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Two women were assaulted near Hyde Park last week

Police are appealing for information

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Have they ever shagged a Beckett though?