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Love at first sight, friendzoned and an accidental text: How did the Freshers’ round of Leeds Goes Dating go down?

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The world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die x

Wetherspoons are banning Jagerbombs and it’s all because of Brexit


Pro-life charity rejected from Manchester’s Freshers’ fair because it is not the ‘correct platform’

Life wants to spread awareness and help students with unplanned pregnancies

Waitrose have made a ‘student essentials’ list, and I can confirm none of them are essential

It will cost you £13 and I’m not even sure any of it is actually edible

Billionaire fresher at St Andrews hires 12 staff to look after her at uni

The roles include a maid, butler, chauffeur and a private chef

Here are the exact words you need to include in your Tinder bio to get hundreds of matches

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Uni staff will finally get student suicide prevention training if new plans go ahead

There have been 95 student suicides in the last academic year

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