Which Taylor Swift album is your Lancs college?

One for all the swifties out there x


Settling back into uni can be hard, whether you’re returning from a long summer off, or starting at Lancs for the first time. Central to your uni experience is which college you are a part of: your new identity, which is where you’ll live on campus, socialise with new friends, and take part in various college events. Every year, students squabble over which college is truly the best, which hosts the best parties, and which one everyone hates for no reason (looking at you Bowland).

So, with the release of Taylor’s new album Midnights today, we know the question on every student’s mind isn’t “what am I going to wear to Sugar tonight?” but “wait which Taylor Swift album perfectly describes my college?”. Well search no further, as below you can find out which of Swift’s albums you should be blasting in your room, based only on the specific vibes of your college.

Grizedale – 1989

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, as the first thing you think when you hear Grizedale is parties and pop and an all-round good time. 1989 is all about living your best life with no consequences, and embracing a new era with new people and new experiences. This is exactly the vibe Grizedale students give off, they’re here to do the most, and make the most, of their time at Lancaster.

Fylde – Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is full of classic hits perfect for classy people, and we can definitely envisage Love Story playing in The Mill, whilst Fylde students have a pint after a hard day of (not) working. Plus, since Fylde is apparently full of sporty individuals, you have to be pretty Fearless to take part in any sport in BUCS, or to fight your way down the South Spine purely to get back to your accommodation.

Furness – Lover

The students of Furness really are the beating heart of campus. Forever unproblematic and always there to offer a shoulder to lean on, it makes complete sense to dedicate Lover to them. Although they may seem on the more understated side, they can party just as hard as anyone and are true romantics at heart.

Cartmel – Speak Now

Those from Cartmel are clear representatives of the Speak Now era. They don’t care what people think and are steadfast in their opinions. Is the trek down to Barker House Farm really worth it? Maybe not, but a Cartmel student will never admit that. They can be kind of reckless, so try not to get on their bad side, however, underneath their hard exterior, Cartmel students are big softies at heart, and you would be Enchanted to meet one.

Bowland – Reputation

Reputation is the perfect album for Bowland College. Constantly hated on, although no one really knows why, any day now Bowland College will be entering its Reputation era. Bowland Tower receives it’s fair share of criticism, not unlike the lead single Look What You Made Me Do, yet it’s really every student’s guilty pleasure; who wouldn’t want to live in accommodation with those views? A little anarchic at times, you can Call It What You Want, but we think they’re iconic.

Pendle – Folklore

Pendle students were certainly the target audience when Taylor wrote Folklore. A little more alternative, and tend to keep to themselves, these students have it all going on inside and relate to the likes of Exile and Mirrorball. It’s hard to imagine a better spot for a deep uninterrupted listening session of Folklore than sat in Pendle Brew with an oat latte in hand. So be kind to your friends in Pendle, this is them trying.

Lonsdale – Debut

Taylor Swift’s self-titled album was her very first, and is often overlooked by fans, just like our very own Lonsdale college. Tucked away in South-West campus, Lonsdale can often be outshined by colleges such as Cartmel, and Taylor Swift’s success of Fearless simply made everyone except the most loyal fans forget about it. However, if people look deep beneath the surface, they’d realise Lonsdale students actually have A Perfectly Good Heart.

Grad – Evermore

Being a student at Grad is the epitome of nostalgia: you’re often looking back on the good days, whilst trying to get some Closure on the fact that soon you’ll be heading into the real world of careers and mortgages. For this reason, Evermore would be the perfect listen as you’re taking a stroll around the woodland walk or having on whilst you work to help fuel a long library session. You’ll love listening to Dorothea as you reminisce on carefree times with your friends before dissertations and job applications were all you thought about.

County – Red (Taylor’s Version)

County is Lancaster’s biggest college, and potentially the most popular, similar to Red (Taylor’s Version). A pre-drinking session at a County townhouse is the perfect setting to blast some of the bangers on this album, where one flatmate is weeping along to All Too Well (the Ten Minute Version of course), and another is taking shots whilst screaming along to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. County is chaotic, and we admire them for it.

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