10 things Lancs students can relate to if they live with all girls

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to have six blankets on one sofa

For many girls, the experience of being forced to spend a year living with adolescent boys will have confirmed only one thing to them: that they absolutely do not want to live with boys the next year. You can never truly appreciate how unclean some people can be until you have to witness it with your own two eyes, and you can’t wait to get away from it.

You dream of the days when you get to live with your best friends in your own home and make it pretty, although the reality of it may not always be what you hoped. Here are 10 things you can relate to if you live with all girls.

Endless shampoo and conditioner bottles

We’ve got to look after our luscious locks somehow, even if it does require using five different types of conditioner for one shower. This can pile up a bit, especially if all the girls in your house store their haircare products in the shower… Soon enough there’ll be no room for you to actually stand amongst the various TRESemmé and Aussie bottles, even if your new shower is double the size of the one in your superior en-suite accom.

Washing on clothes airers in every spare space

It’s no surprise that one of the best things about having your own house is the fact that they often come with their own washing machines. Gone are the days of paying £2.70 to Circuit laundry every time you run out of pants, now you can do a wash whenever you fancy, and you certainly make the most of it. There’s a never-ending continuum of freshly clean Lancs uni sports kit hanging round every corner you turn, and it definitely hasn’t just been chilling there for days because you can’t be bothered to put it away.

Five million pairs of shoes crowding up the hallway

A different pair for every different occasion, right? Even though every morning you go straight past the boots and the sandals and pick up the same pair of Nike Air Force that you wear every day. Keep convincing yourself that it’s okay to leave the trainers that have been there for three weeks because you will go for another run soon.

Fairy lights… everywhere

You have to admit, fairy lights really do tie a room together. Living room looking a bit plain? Fairy lights. Mirror frame lacking spice? Fairy lights. Spare shelf space? You guessed it, fairy lights. Whatever the problem, the answer is always fairy lights, and the best part is you probably have loads left over from trying to make the plain furniture in your campus accommodation look more “aesthetic”.

More coats hanging up than will ever be necessary

Much like the shoes, we need options for our coats – after all, they do tie the outfit together. However, when it comes to the smart blazer that you wore once that time you went for “classy” drinks to The Cornerhouse and never touched it again, maybe it’s not so necessary to leave it hanging in the hall.

The cleaning rota that everyone forgets exists

Ahh, the beauty of a clean kitchen. It’s something we all dream about during our first year, whilst shoving various pots in the kitchen sink to “soak”. But the reality of it is, you’ll be just as lazy with cleaning in your second year home as you were in your first year, only this year there are no boys to blame it on.

You and your flatmates made a cleaning rota the first week you moved in, taking care to colour code everything, only for you to never look at it again until it gets to the point where you actually can’t remember the last time someone hoovered the living room.

Shelves dedicated to alcohol

The beauty of living in your own house means there’s way more shelving space and way fewer people, meaning you’re able to prioritise the important things, such as dedicating at least one shelf to housing all your alcohol. You spend time displaying it neatly only for it to become a state of complete disorganisation after hosting pres before Sugar on a Friday night… Then it’s time to rinse and repeat.

Multiple repeats of kitchen items

It’s only natural that during your big pre-first-year IKEA shop you’re going to stock up on pots and pans, and it’s likely that you actually stuck to using these in your accommodation, even if you had to cram them into your tiny Townhouse kitchen cupboards.

However, get to second year and for some reason, you still all brought all of your appliances, only for 90 per cent of them to be shoved to the back of the cupboard and you to all use one person’s oven tray and saucepan for every single meal.

Various different dairy alternatives

It’s a vicious stereotype but it’s true, girls’ fridges really are full of an unnecessary variety of milk alternatives. Of course, it’s not your fault that you all prefer different types of milk and you can’t stomach dairy…

Although don’t tell that to the tub of Ben and Jerry’s you have hiding in your freezer because Central had it on an offer that you “couldn’t refuse”.

Hundreds of blankets and pillows to make the space more ‘homely’

Blankets and pillows are a must-have. There’s nothing like saying no to a Whoops Wednesday and curling up on the sofa with your flatmates and putting on a rubbish Christmas movie instead. But this wouldn’t be anywhere near as comfortable without the hundreds of blankets and cushions you all brought to make your room cosier, found you didn’t have enough space, and shoved them in the living room as if it was what you planned all along.

If you can relate to 10/10 of these things then you must be living in an all girls house. Is it better than living with all boys? Who knows. It’s definitely cleaner, we know that much.

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