D is for ducks: The complete alphabet of all Lancs necessities

Study up on your Lancs ABC’s

Lancaster University is known for many iconic things that the university just wouldn’t be the same without! And with the term well and truly underway, work is starting to pile up, and deadlines are fast approaching so let’s have a break and remind ourselves what we love about Lancaster University.

So here is a summary of all the key things and aspects of studying at Lancaster University. Can you call yourself a Lancs student if you haven’t seen, visited, or participated in these A-Z’s?












A is for Alexandra Square

Alex Square is the heart of the campus!

B is for Bowland Tower

Love it or hate it (and so many of us do hate it), Bowland Tower is just iconic. The first thing you see as you arrive, it just wouldn’t be Lancaster Uni without it.

C is for Colleges

Of course, there are some better than others, but the college system is the foundation of Lancs Uni, and everyone should be proud to be a part of them unless you’re in Bowland.









D is for Ducks

People may say they are overrated, but the ducks make campus special, even if they would bite your finger for a Sultan’s chip.

E is for Extravs

The Extrav themes are a bit hit and miss, but who doesn’t want to end the year with a bang!

F is for Falling out with flatmates

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, are you a uni student if you haven’t fallen out with at least one flatmate?












G is for Greggs

A Lancaster staple, but when the queue is halfway through Alex Square, are the sausage rolls worth it?

H is for Hangovers

Who doesn’t love stumbling back from Sugar on a Wednesday for the hangover the next day? We say it will never happen again, but we’ll be back next Wednesday.

I is for Instagram pictures at the sign

Are you even a Lancaster student if you haven’t sat in front of the sign with your flatmates on week one? Bonus point if you were watched by all the people driving past.

J is for James May

Isn’t it just Lancaster’s claim to fame that a Top Gear presenter was in Pendle?

K is for Kanteena

Overrated or underrated, there are plenty of mixed views, and some have never heard of it, but it should be on your Lancs Uni bucket list.

L is for the Lakes

Hopefully, being this close to the Lake District will be a blessing in the summer, but right now think we will endure the cold on campus.

M is for Moodle

The bane of most Lancs students lives, how many emails do you get from Moodle a day?












N is for Norma

The library on campus just wouldn’t be the same without the tree, Norma offering moral support through our essays. And a special mention to Norman, rip.

O is for Online Lectures

After last year, don’t get us wrong, we are happy to be going onto campus, but the odd online lectures are a godsend.

P is for the Porters

We all know who the real legends of Lancaster Uni are.

Q is for Queueing up for hours at the Sugarhouse

Sobering up by the time you get to the front of the queue, don’t go too early.

R is for the Roses

Lancs Uni’s rivals, York (sorry for even saying the word), make good competition in the annual Battle of the Roses.












S is for Sultans

A staple after a drunken night out or feel for the hangover the next day, the staff at Sultans are the best; what would we do without them?

T is for Townhouses

They can be hit or miss, but good luck trying to get on with eleven other people for the next year.

U is for the Underpass

The Underpass is iconic to the Uni, but the amount of buses that drive through completely full is a joke!

V is for VKs

3-4-£6, anyone?











W is for Williamson Park

Again, one of the most instagrammable spots. Are you even a Lancs student if you don’t have hundreds of pictures of Ashton Memorial on your camera roll?

X is for xhisdfisu

What your ID looks like when you’re on your way to Glow after pres.

Y is for ‘you still going to the 9 am?’

Come on, admit it a few weeks in, and we’ve all missed at least one or two 9am’s opting for sleep instead!

Z is for Zones (in the Library)

We all know the Reading Room is the best study place, just try to change my mind.

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