Tell us your Lancs opinions and we’ll tell you how much Halloween candy you deserve

Greggs is overrated? Bounty behaviour

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s getting to the time of year where many students reminisce about their Halloweens of years past. Ah, the good old days, where you’d knock on your poor neighbours’ doors and demand they give you sweets. Then, at the end of the night, you’d tip everything you’d gathered in your pillowcase, or Tesco’s carrier bag, or little pumpkin basket if you were really fancy, and see just how much candy you’d recieved. Obviously, the best part about it was being able to brag about your vast amount of sweets (and future cavities) in school the next day.

Trick-or-treating was the definition of Halloween for a lot of kids. And whilst it’s pretty difficult to trick-or-treat on campus or in town, it shouldn’t prove too much of a disappointment to Lancs students, with plenty of alternative Halloween plans in place across the city. 

But if you’d like to simulate the experience of trick-or-treating, you can take our quiz to find out how many sweets you’d receive. We’ve based it off of your opinions on Lancs clichés, like Santa, if Santa judged you on your opinion of Williamson Park. 


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