Students’ Union nightclub will remain named The Sugarhouse after winning preferenda

The runners up were La Lune, Treehouse and Duckhouse

The Students’ Union nightclub will continue to be named The Sugarhouse after the name won the preferenda.

The Sugarhouse gained the most votes against nine other potential names: “The Alex, Tree House, 1485, The Mousetrap, Big Blue House, Club Phoenix, The Red Rose, La Lune, and Duckhouse”.

LUSU released a statement regarding the renaming which said: “Following the preferenda with over 2000 student voters taking part, students have decided that our nightclub is to remain named Sugarhouse.

“Lancaster SU’s Nightclub will remain named as Sugarhouse, but the students’ union plans to work with others to highlight Lancaster’s colonial history and are committed to investing and implementing educational programmes to all students and staff.”

LUSU released the full results for the voting of each name and the runners up were “La Lune”, “Treehouse” and “Duckhouse”.

When asked if The Sugarhouse will remain that name forever, the LUSU post said: “That is up to you, the students who make up the SU. Students have the ongoing capability to bring about change at the SU by submitting ideas or petitions to and getting your fellow members to vote and engage with your submission.”

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