Potential names for renaming Students’ Union nightclub released

Voting opens June 9th until June 18th

The list of student-submitted names for the renaming of the Students’ Union club currently known as “The Sugarhouse” was released yesterday.

A post on the LUSU website explained that a panel of “randomly selected” students met on Tuesday, June 1st, to sift through the candidates for the new names.

The 10 names, selected from a total of 38 potentials, are as follows:

“Sugarhouse, The Alex, Tree House, 1485, The Mousetrap, Big Blue House, Club Phoenix, The Red Rose, La Lune, and Duckhouse”.

Lancaster Students are invited to cast their vote on which name they think is the best from Wednesday, June 9th, at 10 am – with the vote closing at 2 pm on June 18th.

Voters will be asked to place the names in order of preference on the ballot, “by clicking them in order of your preferred name choices for the nightclub.”

The Union is also looking for students willing to run official campaign groups for each of the selected names.

A full list of proposed names can also be found on the LUSU post.

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