‘Lunehouse would be a dream combination’: Student opinions on potential names for Sugar

Voting is now open until June 18th

Voting is now open for Lancaster students to have their say on what they think the Students’ Union’s nightclub “The Sugarhouse” should be renamed. Due to the nightclub’s current name having links to the slave trade, a petition granted the name to be changed.

A random selection of students went through the new potential names which were submitted and made a shortlist consisting of 10 names: “Sugarhouse, The Alex, Tree House, 1485, The Mousetrap, Big Blue House, Club Phoenix, The Red Rose, La Lune, and Duckhouse”.

We asked Lancaster students what their reactions were to these new names.

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‘I am upset the name ‘The Sugarhouse’ is on the ballot’

Maria*, a second-year student from Fylde, said that they approve of the new names. They said: “I think the variety of names are great and I love the meanings behind so many of them. The meaning behind “La Lune” in particular is so well thought out and sweet. I think any of these names will be a good fit.”

However, Maria said that they don’t like how the original name is an option as it undermines all the hard work and campaigns striving to change the name for good. Maria said: “Obviously I am upset the name “The Sugarhouse” is on the ballot. It seems to be a slap in the face to the hard work of the WIMCW campaign under the false disguise of “democracy”. It poses a lot of questions regarding the inherent racism of our society even if it isn’t explicit.”

‘It still keeps a kind of historical aspect to the name’

Helena, a first-year County student, said that she liked one name in particular. She said: “I really like the sound of the Red Rose. It still keeps a kind of historical aspect to the name whilst still being relevant to Lancaster and Lancashire as a whole and makes it sound like a club.”

However, Helena said that she didn’t like the sound of any of the other suggestions. She said: “I’m not a fan of the other names. Some of them I understand the links to Lancaster and the surrounding area like La Lune. I can’t really imagine saying to my mates “Hey, do you want to go to The Big Blue House for a night out”.

‘Normans would have been a great homage to remembering Norman the tree’

RIP Norman the tree. You were a beloved icon of the library. We now have Norma the tree but nothing will be able to replace our love for Norman. Toby, a second-year economics student, said that he believed “Normans” should have made the shortlist of names for renaming the nightclub due to Lancaster students’ love and devotion to the recently deceased library tree.

Toby said: “Normans would have been a great homage to remembering Norman the tree. The jury got it wrong on that one.” If you didn’t choose to come to Lancaster University because of the tree in the library, then why are you here?

‘Clubby McClubface is a class name’

James*, a first-year from Pendle, was disheartened that “Clubby McClubface” was rejected as a potential name as it didn’t make the shortlist. James said: “Clubby McClubface is a class name. It would have been iconic. And sets it apart from any other generic club name you see up and down the country.”

‘It would be nice to have a name which at least references something associated with the city’

Rachel*, a second-year student from Lonsdale, is another student who believes that the new name should have some relevance to Lancaster. Rachel said: “To be honest, I don’t think any of the new names are great.

“I’m not sure if some of them are meant to have a relation to Lancaster and I’m missing it or they’re completely random, but I think it would be nice to have a name which at least references something associated with the city or university.”

‘The Blue Bus’

Kara, a second-year Furness student, has thought of something other students have seemed to miss. What will happen to the “Sugar bus” if the club is renamed? The “Sugar bus” is a bus that students can use for free after going to Sugar on a night out. It is one of the university’s selling points for safety as students can easily get back to campus in the early hours.

Kara said that if the name “Big Blue House” wins, then the “Sugar bus” can easily be renamed. Kara said: “Big Blue House has a benefit none of the other names have. It gives the “sugar bus” a new name, “The Blue Bus”.

‘Lunehouse would be a dream combination’

Elliot, a third-year Bowland student, said that he likes most of the names. He said: “Big Blue House is a silly name but I can see it catching on. I liked it even before I realise the connection to the show I used to love as a kid. The Red Rose and 1485 have good connections to the town, but sound like gentleman’s clubs or pubs and I don’t think they fit the tone of how crappy the Sugarhouse is.

“I also think Duckhouse and Treehouse have happy vibes that fit the cheesiness. La Lune is my personal favourite – even though it again has some idiosyncrasy to what the club is actually like, I think it’s lovely and would catch on quickly. Lunehouse would be a dream combination.”

Remember to vote to rename The Sugarhouse. Voting closes on June 18th.

To vote, follow the link here.

*Names have been changed for anonymity. 

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