How your night out will go on July 19th based on your college

Counting down the days x

Earlier this year, Boris released the roadmap that detailed how England would be easing lockdown. The final and only remaining stage of this is the opening of nightclubs and the removal of social distancing.

After the stressful exam season that has left us all exhausted and unmotivated, the promise of July 19th is something to get excited about. Although that this date was originally June 21st, this gives us even more time to plan our outfits and prep our livers for that night.

Here’s how your night will go, depending on your college.


Like the party animals that you guys are, you will not be seen at the club (or anywhere for that matter) before midnight. Earlier than midnight is when everything is still a bit dead as people start to arrive, but I don’t need to spell it out for you because you already know.

You know exactly where and when to go, always finishing your night with Sultans. You won’t remember most of the night, maybe just pres and definitely chundering somewhere, but after that, it’s a blur. You’ll rely on your mates to help piece bits of the night together as they show videos of you chanting and downing shots at every given opportunity.

Typical County students if you ask us. You know you’re a County student when the night ends with your mates dragging you onto the last Sugarbus after you’ve been staggering on the dancefloor all night.


Yet another “party” college. Like County, you won’t be able to remember how your July 19th will end. Without a doubt, you have made use of the 2-4-1 cocktails at Grizedale Bar, hosted pres in your flat or townhouse, and managed to down several pitchers by the time you make it to town.

You know that Generation is the first stop, and then you make your way to the club of choice. Of course, you won’t remember this though, considering the amount of alcohol you will consume on the 19th. Grizedale students are the life of any party but are the most likely to have the worst hangovers because of this.


Fylde will be out once the football is over. How convenient that the Euros are currently on and at every pub all of the lads are glued to the screen. If you’re from Fylde, it is certain that your night will end watching the football highlights as you’ve missed the actual game because you were too busy drinking.

Your night will start 0ff by having a few pints in your local pub (after spending all day in the gym, of course), but you’ll manage to remember most of the night as you know not to drink too much as it can affect your sporting performance. Although the students from Fylde college put on a front of prioritising sports over everything and making sure they don’t have time for anyone, they long for someone to understand their competitive nature and thus end their night by having a few more pints in a sports bar.


As a result of your unproblematic nature, you guys remember every aspect of the night because you know your limits when it comes to alcohol. You’re the mum of every friend group, making sure everyone gets home safely and looking after them if they chunder.

Your night on the 19th will go smoothly because you’ll go out and manage to make it back at a reasonable time. Honestly, how do you do it? As term will have finished by then, you will go out without any academic pressure (I mean you do that anyway, so what’s new there).


There are two types of Bowland students, those who won’t stop go home until at least five am and those who are in bed by 12 am. If you resonate most with the former, then you are definitely a liability every time you go out and your mates always have to keep an eye on you. There’s always one who takes one too many shots and almost ends up chundering in the taxi home.

On the contrary, if the latter one is more of your style, your night will end with you reading your favourite book after eating a takeaway to absorb the alcohol in your stomach and downing a pint of water as you know how to prevent a hangover.


Your night will end how every other night ends. In bed and asleep by 11 pm. You don’t really go out much and the times that you do stay up late are spent in the library, finishing an essay that isn’t due for two weeks. You would much prefer to be alone than out clubbing because you only came to uni for the degree; everything else is a distraction.

Plus, it is a trek from Cartmel to get literally anywhere on campus, so to make life easier for yourself, you would just prefer to stay in your room and spend the night of July 19th like any other night really.


Your first choice was either Grizedale or County, but you didn’t get any of them so you just tag along in any way you can. You guys have an edgy vibe about you, which is your only redeeming quality if you’re from Pendle. On the 19th, your night will end with you feeling a bit rough, but nothing you can’t handle. You would’ve gone to a few pubs in town during the day and spend the night recovering.


Although you guys are a bit more sociable than Cartmel, you still wish you were a bit more centrally located on campus so you can be in on the action. You will have a good night on the 19th by having a few drinks at your local and then going to one of the many pubs in town (probably Spoons) before calling it a night. Due to your inexperience in the going-out scene, you won’t want to spend all night out because you don’t know how much alcohol you can handle, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So there you have it, how your night out on July 19th will go depending on your college. We get closer and closer to normality each day, and we just can’t wait for the day to finally be here.

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