We found the nine most Instagrammable spots in Lancaster

The things we do for the gram x

The sun has graced Lancaster for the past few weeks after what has felt like years of rain so we thought we’d take advantage of this tropical climate and soak up the sun for some good lighting and sun-kissed Instagram posts.

We put on our best summer outfits, popped our sunglasses on and headed out to try and find the best places for pictures in Lancaster. When planning our quest we immediately thought of the landmarks that this city has to offer, such as Williamson Park and Dalton Square, but once we started wandering around town we found some of the hidden gems you may not have known about.

The Castle

First up on our list was Lancaster castle. We felt awkward to begin with as it was the first location on our journey and hadn’t warmed up yet which wasn’t helped by the fact numerous people were wondering around which we didn’t want in the shot.

But we couldn’t let embarrassment get in the way of a good photo. Not sure who was the most embarrassed, the person in the pic or the one squatting down to get the perfect angle of them and the castle.

Cobble stone street

On our way to the next location on our list we just happened to stumble across this side street which can be found right next to the castle. This felt as if we were in a quaint village just off to get some afternoon tea. This could work in any side street in Lancaster, but warning: you may have to stand around trying not to look strange while you wait for people to move out of the frame and go about their day.

Millennium Bridge

If you can’t be bothered to go all the way to Morecombe to get a picture with the sea, you can find a perfectly good substitute with the river Lune. The railings make a great prop for posing. It’s a win win.

Ryelands park

Finding this location took a bit of patience and help from Google Maps since we had never ventured that far out of town before. But eventually, after a lot of sweating, we made it. We really took to nature in these pictures but when it comes to the gram anything can be a prop.

There were so many buttercups we had to try and get an artsy shot with different angles. Just don’t wear white if you don’t want grass stains. But all in all the possibilities for posing in the grass were endless.

Bench by the Music Room

In the back streets of Lancaster, the Music Room is a hidden gem. But the star of the show is this bench which sits in front of a brick wall with leaves trailing down it. Just an ordinary bench it may seem, but the vibes are immaculate. Who doesn’t love a bit of greenery?


Also in the square by the Music Room is a wall of mirrors. It seems a bit out of place, but who doesn’t want to take a mirror selfie outside? Perfect for an Insta story or a main post, but it may confuse a few people as to why it looks like there is a tree in your bedroom.

Dalton Square

When you think of Dalton Square you probably think of “the statue by the Town Hall”. So you may not be aware that the flower patches make for a beautiful backdrop for the perfect floral photo. A lovely burst of colour to brighten up your feed.

Williamson Park

You all probably have a photo on your Instagram with you posing in front of Ashton Memorial, are you really a Lancaster student if you don’t? Williamson had to be on our list as it’s such an iconic place in Lancaster.

The canal

If you live in town, you probably live two minutes away from the canal. The water itself may not be the prettiest thing you have ever seen but when combined with the greenery and boats it does make for a stunning backdrop. This being the last location on our journey we were exhausted by this point but it was worth the extra walk for these pictures.

So there you have it, the next time the skies are clear and the sun is out, take yourself on a tour of Lancaster to get the best Instagram pics.

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