The competition intensifies in Heat Three of Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021

Who will make it to the semi-final?

The competition is not over yet. So far, you have met the first 14 sexy singletons competing for the prestigious crown of Lancs’ Hottest Single 2021, and it doesn’t stop there. We want to introduce you to another set of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes competing for your vote.

Take your time to get to know the nominees as if this was a speed dating event. You only have a picture and a limited amount of information about them before deciding whether you want to see them again in the semi-finals.

Sophie Shedel

First up tonight, we have Sophie, a fourth year studying an MRes in global health. She told us she also did her bachelor’s degree at Lancs Uni and will always be a County girl at heart.

The reasons for her nomination were that she’s the poshest girl in Lancaster, can run really far (total flex), and has the worst dance moves but makes up for it.

In response to these reasons, Sophie told us: “I’m from South West London and have gotten a million comments about how posh I sound.” She also said that she enjoys running, and there are some really pretty areas to run around Lancaster. Additionally, she said: “Can confirm that my dance moves are absolutely shocking but who really notices on a dark dance floor after a few drinks, anyway? Can’t wait to show them off and have a good boogie, back in Sugs and Glow, once lockdown is over.”

Tristan Tonkin-Galvin

Next up, we have Tristan, a second year philosophy and politics student. He was nominated as Lancaster’s Hottest Single because he is handsome, a smooth talker has a nice voice and has big ambition.

He told us: “A bunch of people I know have said I’m handsome. Maybe they’re right, I don’t know! As for me being a ‘smooth talker’ and having a ‘nice voice’, I have always had a way with words, and I sing and write songs.”

Luisa Norena Yepes

Our next single is Luisa, a first year marketing and management student. She was nominated because she’s very inspiring, is kind, pretty, often makes people turn around and stare at her, and works at Sultans.

Luisa was very surprised by her nomination and said she wasn’t expecting it. She told us: “I honestly love looking natural and going out in my PJs or sweats, to be honest, but my friends have told me that I can often attract a lot of attention without trying, but it could also be my curly hair that catches the eye.”

Timothy Murphy

Timothy was nominated for the competition as he is fit af, is a gentleman, and the person who nominated him said: “He could run me over with a truck, and I’d say thank you.”

An interesting reason to nominate someone for Hottest Single, but there you go.

Rebecca Melling

Rebecca is a second year history and politics student as has received multiple nominations. The reasons for her being nominated for the competition are that she’s newly single, is clever and funny, has a rocking body ready to rock your world, and she really is a savage.

Rebecca said: “My friends nominated for me because they thought Lancaster should see what I have to offer.”

Danyaal Shahid

Moving on, we have Danyaal, a second year chemical engineering student. He was nominated because he never has an expired trim; his fashion sense is 10/10, is extremely charming and has the best one-liners.

In response to these reasons, Danyaal gave us an example of one of his one-liners: “Roses are red, violets are fine, I’ll be the six, and you can be the nine.”

He continued to tell us: “Comedic jokes and jabs are my specialities. I bring the party and the women. My trim is sharper than a knife, and fashion is even more deadly.”

Trina Read

Last but not least, we have Trina, a third year English literature student. Trina was nominated for Lancs’ Hottest Single because she’s sexy as hell, is smart, beautiful, and has so much love to give.

Trina said: “I’m so flattered to be nominated for this prestigious award. I’ve believed I was the hottest single for a long time, but I didn’t think anyone else did, so it’s nice to be validated after all this time finally. It’s true; I do have a lot to give, that’s if there’s any leftover as I’m giving it all to myself at the moment.”

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