Time to meet heat two of Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021

Round two brings the next singles to the forefront

Nominees to the front, this is our second round of the sexiest singles at Lancaster University. After round one, the competition is already looking tough, and this next round isn’t making things any easier. Last week we asked you to imagine Love Island; this week, I’m asking you to picture Casa Amor. The singles have some bombshells coming to disturb the peace. Which of our lovely lot will survive this round and move forward in the villa? Use the Google Form below and let us know who you think it should be.

After this round, we are officially halfway through the introductory phase for the hottest single. Students, let your voice be heard in this round and the following ones, and without further ado, let’s start round two.

Emma Hardwick


Emma is a third year international student studying law. The reasons for her nominations were her natural beauty on campus, she’s curvy af, and she’s not only stunning but also really smart (the whole package, if you ask me).

In response to her nomination, all she could say is that she’s confident in how she looks and that she is a firm believer that smart is sexy – a statement we particularly agree with.

Lillie Jeanrenaud


Lillie is a fresh face on campus, a first year currently studying geography. Making an impact even in Covid times! The reasons for her nomination were that she’s funny, she’s gorgeous, and overall, she’s perfect. It’s also been stated that you can never meet someone else like her. She’s a one of a kind icon.

Her response to this? She can see where they’re coming from—a very humble brag.

Emily Kedward


Another first year joins our nominees in this round. Emily has joined Lancaster studying social work. Her nomination came from being super pretty, all the boys liking her, but she gets the ick (a relatable queen for many, I’m sure), and she’s a top Sultans delivery driver. Now, if you can’t respect that last one, you might as well click off of the article.

Our nominated delivery driver responded with the knowledge that her friend nominated all the people in their group that are single. If your friends can’t hype you up, who will?

Aurora Piccagli


The first of the second years this round, Aurora, is studying economics and international relations. She was nominated for her crazy flexibility, being a cute Italian made of wifey material, a trooper, going clubbing with a broken ligament and having the talent to sing like Shakira. All of this, and not to mention she’s super buff, so she can literally pick you up if you’re down.

Aurora responded with a list of accomplishments like this, saying she thinks friends nominated her because she’s single. Honestly, we don’t understand why!

Robert Stockdale

Robert 2

Second year student Robert is studying sports and exercise science. There were multiple reasons for his nomination, ranging from being a semi-pro footballer who has health and fitness as a passion to being super studious and a solid friend to give his mates lifts (even the 9ams.) The list goes even further on, three-course meals, animal lover and saviour, enjoying lager and cricket – with a note of wanting to find him a girl who is as nice as he is.

This humble saviour genuinely has no idea why he was nominated. Oblivious to all the kind things he does for his friends show how genuine his actions are.

Keenan Taku


Keenan is a South African second year studying law. His nomination was a triple threat: big, strong, and tall. He also plays rugby, isn’t a knob and is smart, smart as we all know, meaning sexy. Not to mention he got banned from Tinder as a gesture to level the laying field for others.

In response to this nomination, Keenan let us know he’s 6’2 which is great for rugby, which he’s played for eight years. He loves law and hopes to become a solicitor in the future while also making jokes about LinkedIn on all his socials. And the Tinder story, he thought it was his first match. Instead, he broke community guidelines without knowing how, after only being on the app for two days.

Robert Ffoulkes


Our only medic on this list, Robert, is in his second year of study here at Lancaster. Reasons he made our nominations include that he’s a good looking person, has a nice smile, and an even better personality. A nice trio of compliments, indeed.

In response to these comments, Rob told us less is more; it doesn’t look like his friends know him very well. A nice comedic charm to the nomination.

And that summarises round two of our nominees! Let us know who you think should progress through to the semi-finals of Lancaster Hottest Single 2021. As for our contestants, here’s to hoping.

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