Sultans give out free masks to thank students for their support

Every time a student visits the restaurant wearing a mask they will receive 10 per cent off their order

Sultans want to make sure everyone feels safe and at home in their restaurant. They want to create the sense of a Sultan’s family for everyone that shows them support. This can be seen through their decision to provide children with free school meals over the October half term.

For this reason, Sultan’s have decided to design masks with their name and logo printed on them. They frequently get students asking for Sultans merchandise and they have finally responded to these demands.

Sultans told the Lancaster Tab that this has been a difficult year for everyone but “especially for the students who’ve found it difficult meeting new people with all these lockdown rules.” After 10pm, students have to order through social media and the staff at Sultans have recognised that students have been “really patient and understanding” about the situation and for that reason they will be giving out masks for free.

Additionally, every time a student comes into the restaurant wearing one of the masks they will receive 10 per cent off from their orders as a way of saying thank you to them for showing support.

This is not the only form of Sultans merchandise that students will see as they plan to release Sultans jumpers in December. Sultans concluded by telling students to “keep an eye out” for the jumpers and thanked students for “the love and support students continue to show on a daily basis.”

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