Take this quiz to reveal your post-lockdown trip out in Lancs

Sugar I want to run to you x

Students have the weirdest lockdown habits let’s be real, waking up at 2pm, eating nothing but Kinder Buenos and crying over Normal People. Or the exact opposite end of the spectrum, powering through Joe Wicks every morning, eating nothing but kale and prepping yourself for next year. It really feels like there’s no in between, it’s just one big competition of who can have the most bizarre daily routine. However, you heard it hear first, your habits actually amount to something more!

Your lockdown habits actually mean something, they reveal what your first post-lockdown trip out in Lancs will be! Whether that be a mad one with your mates, a big fat Sultans, or not even making it out your bed. One day this will all be over and we’ll be free to explore big Sainsbos to our hearts content, have free range over Williamson Park and drown ourselves in litres of VKs. Till then we can only dream of big beautiful Lancs, so take the quiz in the meantime.

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