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UCLan accommodation fees waived for 1,600 students

Regardless of whether or not they have moved out or want to continue to live there

UClan bosses have decided to help students during uncertain times due to the coronavirus pandemic and have agreed to waive the last term’s fees for all 1,600 students who have a UCLan accommodation contract. Although those living in privately rented accommodation won’t be included, those living in university-owned halls have been freed of their accommodation contract.

This also means that April rent instalment will now not be payable. This is regardless of whether or not the student chooses to stay in the accommodation or to move home. This decision affects 1,600 students that currently have an accommodation contract with UClan.

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According to the Vice President of UClan, Professor Graham Baldwin, this decision is part of a much wider, ongoing plan to support students during this time of crisis. Baldwin went on to say: “Throughout this national crisis we will remain consistent in our commitment to put the interests of our students first.”

He added: “We also understand that for many of our students it is a time of financial concern as many have been working part-time and are now unable to do so. We hope our decision to waive accommodation payments helps ease the financial burden at this challenging time.”

The vice-chancellor is hoping to influence other landlords to do the same: “While we cannot make the same decision for private third-party providers, we are in discussion with them to see if they can agree to similar measures.

“As a university we are keen to support our students as much as possible and minimise any disruption to their academic studies.”

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750 University students currently occupy UCLan residencies. These include student based in the UK that can’t return home for family reasons, as well as international students.

The Students Union are in support of this decision. President of UCLan’s Students’ Union, Suntosh Kaur, added: “I know the money saved will help students support themselves over the coming months. I appreciate the hard work of the Students’ Union team, Officers and University staff over recent weeks. The Students’ Union will continue to work closely with the University to provide student feedback that helps students during this difficult time.”