Coronavirus ‘panic buying’ leads to empty shelves in Lancs’ supermarkets

‘Worried’ Lancaster shoppers empty shelves as fears grow over the spread of coronavirus

As coronavirus fears continue to spread like wildfire, there are growing reports of empty supermarket shelves as a wave of panic buying overcomes Lancaster outlets.

Essential items such as soap, pasta and toilet rolls are unavailable in many local shops, with many shoppers left wondering when they will next be able to buy these items.

One shopper, when asked, stated: “I just thought I’d have a look to see if they had any soap cause I’m running quite low, but they haven’t got any. They don’t even have any toilet roll which was quite the funny sight to see. I thought it was a joke really, but nope, they haven’t got anything.”

Another stated: “Many items are still well stocked, it’s just certain things that you need that they’ve run out of. There’s not even any pasta.”

Sainsbury’s have assured shoppers that new deliveries are coming in regularly and that they should not panic. The wave of panic buying comes recently after supermarket giants, such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s, have introduced rationing policies to prevent empty shelves. Sainsbury’s have also introduced signage to deter from mass purchasing of “sanitising and long-life products.”

Despite no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Lancaster, growing national concerns have led to a number of changes to Lancaster’s day to day.

Lancaster University recently announced the suspension of in person teaching in favour of online classes and exams; similarly, the Sugarhouse’s recent decision to close for the foreseeable future has given warrant to many people’s concerns.

When asked whether they feel affected by the virus pandemic, one shopper replied: “Even though it’s not in Lancaster yet, everything that’s going on makes you feel a bit more worried, like it might end up getting more serious.”

Although it is uncertain when stocks will return to the shelves, Sainsbury’s remain adamant that there is no need for concern and urge restraint when shopping.