All the songs that should be played in Sugar but aren’t

All the bops that need some sugar-lovin’

Sugar is a home to us all. We acknowledge its sticky flooring, bad smell and small playlist but we love it anyway, because it’s ours, and there aren’t many other places to love in Lancaster. However, while the smell of years’ worth of VK saturating the carpets is pretty impossible to get rid of at this point, one thing that is more easily changeable is that playlist. Admittedly, Sugar’s playlist mixes a variety of genres and there are some absolute bops featured at times, but the issue is that their winning algorithm is getting a little old. If we were to play a game of Sugarhouse playlist bingo, we’d all be winners.

So, to remedy this problem, we decided to ask you which songs don’t get enough attention from the Sugar DJ’s, and here are some of our responses. Who knows? Maybe they’ll take some requests.

Uptown Girl – Billy Joel

Big fat yes. No playlist can have enough Billy Joel, and Sugar is noticeably lacking. If any song is going to make you lose your voice the next day, Uptown Girl is the criminal.

Say So – Doja Cat

A little bit catchy and very cheeky. Like Ninja Minaj’s ‘Superbass’, this is definitely the one to show off those drunken, slurred rapping skills.

That’s Amore – Dean Martin

Interesting suggestion, but I approve of this classic. Possibly a one-off meme though.

Hero – Enrique Iglesias

Clinging to your best mates, arms around shoulders, VK’s spilling everywhere, shrieking out emotional lyrics. This. Is. That. Song.

Lalala – Y2K, bbno$

If only they could play the music video too.

Toxic – Britney Spears

Go on, get some noughties school disco hits in there.

Ket is for horses – Organ Donors

No comment.

Without you – Avicii ft Sandra Cavazza

Big summer vibes that we could all use right now. This is the perfect tune for that drunken post-breakup state, where you’re independent af and loving #singlelyfe

The Box – Roddy Rich

This one will put some beat in your step when you push open those double doors like a boss.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! – Vengaboys

For the 90’s kids.

Thanks for the memories – Fall Out Boy

There is a distinct lack of Fall Out Boy on Sugar’s playlist, and quite frankly, it is worrying. This song is a riot, and it’ll make freezing your ass off in the queue outside completely worth it.

Baby Shark – Pinkfog

Of course a lancs student would suggest this one. Ha. Ha, ha. Please no.

Here comes the Sun – The Beatles

A truly wholesome suggestion, this song is the warm hug we all need for our current stress.

Juicy – Doja Cat

The people have spoken, and they like Doja Cat.

I write sins not tragedies – Panic! At the Disco

Yes. This. Yes.

Earfquake – Tyler The Creator

This is the perfect closing-time tune. Slow enough that you don’t need much energy to dance, and it fits the saddening mood as you see that the main room is suddenly empty. Last Sugar bus has gone. Time to pile out, pals.

Crazy Frog – Axel F

The complete opposite- this is a peak time ONLY bop. You need the energy of those double vodka red bulls to get you through those three minutes.

Ghost Town – The Specials

Not sure where the need is, but sure.

Look Back at It – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie


Na Na Na – My Chemical Romance

We would all do so much better with a bit more Gerard Way in our club playlist. This particular song would make a massive first room hit.

Ready for the floor – Hot Chip

Not only is the song Grade A boogie material, but the name perfectly sums up how we all feel at the end of a night of Corky’s shots and fighting your way to the bathrooms. Ready for the floor.