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We did Veganuary on a student budget and honestly, it’s easy

Yes, even in Lancaster

According to Peta UK students are six-times more likely to avoid eating animals than their parents, but how do they do it when they are so strapped for cash? Is it a diet of pasta they live off? How do they function? After an entire month of veganuary, we have found the way of saving the animals, on a very tight budget. Yes, it is possible.

Find new kitchen neccessities

These are all the things that never ever go out of date, reliable, dependable and probably have more change of surviving uni than anyone else. These include: tinnned food such as beans and soup; rice; pasta and lentils. These are very affordable choices, especially if you stick to the store brand versions of these products.

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Find easy ways to make a proper meal

Calm your ego, you don't have to be a pro vegan chef to go vegan. Blue dragon kits are a great example of how to do this in a way that prevents the food from becoming bland and tasteless, whilst still keeping meals affordable.

The vegan blue dragon kits include: Thai Massaman Curry; Phad Thai; Thai Green Curry; Nutty Satay and many more. The kits are made so that so that the meat (or meat subsitute) is added to them, which makes being vegan much easier.

Patak also has a few vegan premade options to help speed along cooking these include both the Jalfrezi and balti curry sauces. These make it much easier to make sure you are getting the same nutirients as you would with a diet that includes meat and diary.

Freezer food will become your bestie

When it comes to freezer food it may seem as though the more obvious choice is quorn but equally this is not the only choice and much cheaper options are readily available. Be prepared to meet your new bestie, freezer food, your reliable companion.

For example, Tesco have their own brand of meat-free chicken style nuggets, which a suitable for vegans, priced at just £1.75. Tesco also offer meat-free chicken style pieces and vegan mince at the same price.

However, it is Asda that takes the (vegan) cake on this one offering their own, even wider, frozen vegan range that even includes the likes of pizza, meatballs, burger and even cauliflower popcorn.

Morrisons also offers a notable selection including edemame and potato burgers as well as a cocnut katsu and curry melt.

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Vegan dessert DOES exist

Many brands have hopped on the bandwagon of veganuary and this is especially true when it comes to desserts.

Vegan Magnums are usually on offer and are a great option for a quick sweet snack. But more importantly for those looking for a sugar rush on a budget is that Morrisons offer their own range of "vegan chocolate ice cream sticks" for half the price.

For a happy medium between staying healthy an indulging ASDA's own brand of no added sugar jelly pots are both vegan safe and cheap at £1.89 for 6, making them great for on the go.

But if the craving is for hot puddings vegan custard is easy to get hold of from brands like Alpro and Tesco sell an incredible amount of 'Freaks of Nature'

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Don't change too much, you're doing the best you can

One of the key things involved in keeping the budget for veganuary down is to remember that many everyday items are already vegan, the only things that need to be replaced are products that contain meat, eggs and dairy.

Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, chips etc, will provide most of the sustinace to keep a uni student happy and healthy whilst also not requiring any sort of alterations to be made.

Many snacks are already vegan such as bourbon biscuits, starburst, chilli heatwave doritos and even the majority of flavours of pot noodles.

The only change that is needed are direct subsitutes for meat and dairy (that are usually much healthier with longer sell by dates) and veganuary can begin.