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Quizmas day five: Which children’s nativity character are you?

Everyone wants to be Mary


It’s December, which means that Nativity season is in full swing. Children all over will be wearing tea towels on their heads and sitting on straw, as they begin to rehearse for their shining moment. As uni students, we seem to have outgrown this tradition (where is the uni nativity at?) but there is nothing wrong with speculating what could be.

In school the teachers would frustratingly always cast the same girl and boy as Mary and Joseph, and you would get the sheep once again, or maybe the donkey if you were lucky. This would always annoy you because you knew you were the better actor.

Well, it’s time to find out what nativity character you should have actually been cast as in the big performance. If you get Mary, good on you. If you get a sheep, well, I guess it’s time to face the facts and accept that you will always be living in the shadow of the better characters.

So, on the fifth day of Quizmas, we give to you: