Deputy Dean accidentally CC’s in entire undergrad cohort in private correspondence

The day Mr Gatward became a BNOC

One naughty student has been summoned to the deputy dean in an email addressed to every single undergrad.

Poor Mr Gatward was publicly humiliated in a summons to a disciplinary hearing.

Deputy Dean Andrew Lucas even attached a letter detailing how he broke university rules and even the law.

The email said: “Dear Mr Gatward, You are hereby summoned to attend a university disciplinary hearing… Regards, Andrew.”

mr g

Don’t email drunk, Andrew

Mr Gatward, of County college, is accused of breaching rules 2.2, 2.8, 2.9 and 2.26 of the University code. What exactly has he done?

It basically means he has committed an offence by recklessly damaging university buildings or property and endangering the health or safety of others around him.

Mr Gatward’s crimes were so bad they are also a criminal offence under English Law.

Suffice it to say, YikYak blew up shortly after the email was sent:
As was Overheard at Lancaster and, of course, the requisite Facebook event where students have shown their support for Mr Gatward at his hearing.

Deputy dean Lucas was quick to respond, but as every person who’s ever been at the eye of a Twitterstorm knows, that’s a bit like trying to hold back the tide: He quickly sent out another email telling students to delete the first one.

Details on Mr Gatward’s crime to follow.