Chaos after hundreds of freshers sent the wrong timetable

They were all sent the schedule of second year called Catherine Rose

Hundreds of new first years were left confused when they were all sent the timetable of a girl called Catherine Rose instead of their own. 

Commenters on the Lancaster Freshers page started posting about how they’d been sent the wrong schedule, but soon discovered they’d all been given the same timetable.

Desperate messages asked who Catherine Rose was and whether they could swap timetables back with her – but she actually a second year who had no idea about the mix up.

Now this is how to get famous without doing anything.

Yeah we get the point…

Second year Linguistics and German student Catherine told The Tab: It’s quite funny, I haven’t even looked at my timetable yet to be honest.”

Luckily there are quite a few people on campus who can tell her what she has coming up next week.

Catherine added: Quite a few uni friends told me about it, that’s how I know.

She looks forward to freshers week and will surely be approached by many of her adoring fans.

THE Catherine Rose!

The Catherine Rose incident was one of the more major cases in a sea of others on the lively freshers page.

Sounds hectic

You might want to keep pressing that right arrow for a bit…


This person is just the best type of person

Welcome to Lancaster University Freshers – no one knows what they’re doing whether staff or students alike.