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Clubbers of the week: New Year, new drunk

Welcome back

This week’s best clubbers

Celebrating the fact Christmas break is soon

Lancaster’s best clubbers

Christmas has come early

Lancaster’s best clubbers: 15 hour waterfall

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Clubbers of the week

The second official week of university has come to an end

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You’ll see them all in the first few days

Chaos after hundreds of freshers sent the wrong timetable

They were all sent the schedule of second year called Catherine Rose

Lancaster’s best clubbers: The freedom edition

It’s over, it’s finally over

Drunken fresher floods hall after passing out in the shower

Her knickers clogged the drain

Lancaster’s best clubbers: Near-freedom edition

Still looking fresh

Clubbers of the week: Slap bang in exam season

Feelin’ fruity

Lancaster’s best clubbers: Exam season Edition

Hard at work or hardly working eh

Lancaster’s best clubbers: Bumper revision edition

We’re here to remind you of how drunk you were

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Smile for the camera