Drunken fresher floods hall after passing out in the shower

Her knickers clogged the drain


Distraught Furness freshers awoke to flooded halls last week after a drunken first year passed out in the shower — and blocked the drain with her knickers.

Psychology fresher Sophie Chan, 18, unleashed a watery deluge into Torver when she came back after a night out and fell asleep in the shower.

The damage spanned three floors of Torver block and required two teams to sort out.

The river Torver (Chloe Graham)

The floors below saw bits of the ceilings bow and fall in soaked clumps.

First year Jonathan Parks said: “You have no idea man.

“Vik woke me up at seven and I could have sailed down the corridor. Every room is drenched, thankfully I stopped the flooding before it damaged my guitars and amp.”

Flooder Sophie

Culprit Sophie said: “Well basically, I don’t remember getting back, let alone getting into the shower.

“All I remember is waking up in my room at 9:30am, naked, with water everywhere, and two girls in my room.”

Poor room (Chloe Graham)

Tom Throup, another flatmate added: “She came back pissed-as last night, clogged her clothes in the shower and fell asleep with it running for ages, flooded all my building and the ceilings caved in.

“I’m sleeping on three chairs in the kitchen until my room is dry.”