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HOLD EVERYTHING: Meghan Markle is at King’s RIGHT NOW

Catch her if you can

Meghan Markle is currently at Bush House now to attend a panel celebrating International Women's Day. Video footage of Meghan's visit is on The King's Tab Instagram story.

The panel is being held by the Queen's Comms Trust, joining activists and female pioneers to discuss the variety of issues modern women face today.

It was announced this morning that the Duchess of Sussex will become Vice-President of the Queen's Comms Trust.

Many KCL students gathered around the North Entrance of Bush House to witness Meghan coming to King's, but this is the first time she's actually been seen coming into our university.

She'll be at King's for the afternoon, but hopefully she won't be told off by security for forgetting her ID card.

Head to The King's Tab Instagram story to see up close footage of Meghan's visit!