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Here’s how to get automatic refunds for delayed Tube journeys

Putting a price on those god awful signal failures

Getting the tube to uni is now so normalised, your friends aren't impressed anymore and the commute to a 9am lecture can be super stressful. It's part of life as a London student, we accept it and message everyone else in class if we're late.

The time has come to finally get our money back for all our delays with packed trains and smelly pits – and we're going to show you how.

In a test run by Metro UK, the site Reeclaim Train connects to your TFL Oyster account and measures how many journeys you take, providing an estimate refund for 12 months.

After linking the two accounts, it automatically monitors any external circumstances and unforeseeable delays (like classic signal failures) over 15 minutes on any journey you take on London Underground, Overground, TfL Rail and DLR lines.

Disruptions like strikes, engineering works, customer incidents or weather aren't included.

No details are included – the system claims back on your behalf, and credits your account automatically.

Looks like our round of extra pints are on TFL!

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