I tried the wavy eyebrow trend for three days and obviously regret everything

Things are about to get wavy, baby

Every woman knows the pain of having bad brows, and how much a little change in their shape and size can make a big (and sometimes not good) change in your face. Buying your first pair of tweezers when you realise you look a little hedgehog-like, putting clear mascara through your brows to try and tame them, eventually buying your first proper product that was eyebrow-specific – figuring out how to be #browgoals is a journey, and usually a bristly, unruly, mono-brow filled one.

Brow trends and the women who model them have evolved significantly over the last century. From the Brow Goddesses of Greta Garbo to Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn to Twiggy, Brooke Shields to Cara Delevigne…to wavy brows and me?

Pioneered by makeup artist Jessica Brodersen, the squiggle brow generally features a thick brow with a waved tail, often created with the help of a damn good brow pomade or pencil, and sometimes, FaceTune.

Now, ya girl here might not know a lot about beauty and brows, but I think I can remain a beauty amateur and confidently say that I don’t see this brow sticking around for long. But, in the interest of new experiences in the beauty realm, and in the hope of getting lots of funny snapchats to show my friends and perhaps my future children, I agreed to give this brow trend a go for a few days.

As you can tell, my current relationship with my brows is fairly noncommittal, and I definitely don't take pictures of them. Picking the best angle at which to do this was not something I was ready to have to figure out.

Asides from ensuring that I don’t go full-blown Frida Kahlo, I tend not to bother them. This might be because I don’t trust myself with a pair of tweezers and am too lazy to find myself a brow lady – that takes proper commitment and a lifetime of trust that I’m just not sure I’m quite ready for.

my brows feel exposed and bushy and sad

The first step in my journey to become an insta-worthy brow bitch (which definitely came out of nowhere) was actually figuring out how to create the wavy brow. For me, this took a glue stick, an eyebrow spoolie, about 3 eyebrow products, and about 7 tries.

Before anybody tries to come for me with that ‘uhhh but they’re not good enough?!’ – honey, I tried my best. That is all.

Brow down bitches, cause things are about to get hairy.

Day One

Just a quick run-down of today: 1 friend that refused to come into a Sainsburys with me, 2 snapchats from my sister that consisted solidly of ‘HAHAHAHAHAHA’, 3 consoling messages from female friend, 4 definite double take, 100000 strange looks, and a wavy eyebrow in a pear tree.

literally want to cry

Honestly, it could have been so much worse, and at least I only had half a day of uni to spend trying to hide from people. NB: getting glue out of your eyebrows before a night out without ripping all the hairs out one by one is no mean feat.

Day Two


But I honestly feel I should be allowed to wear one occasionally, for my own safety. It’s a harsh world out there, and even more so when your brows look like…well, this.

I am a woman of many secrets

I was actually late for uni today on account of my brows, as you really have to factor in the time it takes when you inevitably mess up to scrub off any mistakes and clean up the edges, and then cover your rubbed raw eyebrow skin in concealer.

shame on me for not filling them in properly

Day Three

The final frontier. My last day as a wiggle-browed queen.

produly sporting my smudgy brows in a Prêt ofc

Ever heard the phrase, 'eyebrows are sisters, not twins'? Honey, I'm not sure mine are even friends anymore.

Good-bye and Good Riddance. I started off with relatively low hopes, and I was proven correct. By all means, do your brows exactly how you like. But personally, I don't need to put glue in my brows to make them a work of arch – although it did keep them fully in place when it rained.