We’ve decided what the cheapest and most worthwhile food restaurants are in London

Let’s not lie, we’re all on a budget

London is without a doubt a city of financial burdens, yet after living in London for three years, I more than anyone understand the issue of constantly being broke and bored. With so many restaurants, bistros and cafés offering mouth-watering treats and treasures, it can be difficult to keep a tight grip on those purse strings.

For the benefit of all of us stuck in a nightmare cycle of Maccy's, we've found a list of the top six cheap-as-chips-but-still-amazing-food restaurants so you can avoid the whole 'can't afford it' convo. I've utilised my student finance so you guys don't need to. You're welcome.

Can a Maccy's ever be a bad choice tho?

Franca Manca

Franca Manca has to be one of my favourite places to eat. Authentic sourdough pizza made fresh and baked to perfection in a wood burning brick oven. Their menu comprises of six main pizzas, starting at the price of £4.95 for their number one oregano, tomato and garlic pizza. If that doesn’t satisfy your cravings, their list of tantalising freshly sourced toppings will be enough to keep you coming back for more.So next time you fancy a dominos, give Franca Manca a try instead!

Camden Food Market

The holy grail of good food, it is jam packed every weekend for a reason. An absolute hotspot for tourists and good food junkies, plus us, the debt-broken souls who just want to spend under £7 for a whole serving. Located approximately ten minutes’ walk away from Camden Town tube stop, it is right in the centre of the hustling and bustling market place. Serving all sorts of food, drink and deserts, it is the perfect place to spend a chilled Saturday afternoon by the loche eating beautiful foodMy recommendations – halloumi fries. Need I even say more?


Everyone knows that pizza makes the world go around – especially when they're big. I’m talking 20”. Served “whole or by the slice”, it is not just pizza, but a magical experience that will most likely result in ‘ I am going to finish this even if it kills me' kind of thing, but it takes you on a journey of self-exploration and understanding. You find out things about yourself that you never even knew; it helps you to come to terms with the important questions in life, and at only £5 for a slice, it’s a pretty cheap ride too. The original Homeslice in Neals Yard is a cute and friendly place to be, take your friend, your parents, your sibling, your partner, yourself. 20” whole pizza starts at £20. Go ham.

The look on my face says it all

Borough Market

Borough Market is a place you cannot get bored of. A brilliant place to buy fresh and delicious locally sourced produce and food. Located south of the Thames and right across the street from London’s pointiest building. My favourites are easily the fresh juice stalls (watermelon juice is a must on every visit), as well as the homemade fudge stall – their peanut butter brittle fudge takes me to my happy place.

Detox Kitchen

Rather a contrast from the halloumi fries of Camden, I discovered the Detox Kitchen on a lunch break and fell in love with it. Eating healthy can get very expensive, all the kale and chia seeds start to add up and before you know it, you’re in debt at Wholefoods. The Detox Kitchen tries to incorporate comfort food within healthy meals, providing freshly made and prepared vegan and vegetarian choices too.

Vegi pad thai and some green stuff