Dear sixth formers, this is why you should ditch UCL for King’s

We’re much more fun

The London life attracts a certain type of personality, people who are ready to venture into the big wide world, people who don’t feel the need to have the safety blanket of small town universities. Many people who come to London are attracted by the endless number of things there are to do – from pop ups where you can drink free beer and be painted gold to museums where you can expand your horizons in a more educated way.

King’s is the most all-rounded university in London – I know plenty of people at UCL and they think they can do everything, but for them a crazy night is playing beer pong at Loop. Worse still, none of them are any good, and they’re straight back to the library afterwards.

King’s students, however, can go on a wild night at Fabric till the early hours of the morning then get up for brunch the next day, followed by a trip to the museum and later some studying to maintain that 2:1 grade. Our lives are not controlled by academics, but we still do well.

Looking like Edward Cullen thanks to John Smith’s Golden Ale’s event

UCL claim to have the best campus in London, but we have five campuses because there’s just too much greatness to fit into one place. The Strand campus is situated at the most central point of London, surrounded by the West End, Lincoln’s Inn – the legal district – and just moments away from iconic places such as Covent Garden.

Our SU bar has amazing views over the Thames of the London Eye and much more. Guy’s campus is sat basically underneath the Shard; how much more picturesque can it get? Waterloo is just a stone’s throw from South Bank, the BFI, the London Eye and all the attractions that come along with it.

The view from our SU bar

And don’t you dare say it’s not a beautiful uni.

UCL believe KCL students are all ones who didn’t get into UCL but after speaking to some people around campus I found many who rejected UCL for King’s. It’s easy to see why: UCL has a stuffy atmosphere with old-fashioned modules and disorganised admin. One student who left King’s for UCL even told me she’d never met her personal tutor!

The Maughan library look beautiful as ever

All UCL kids are just Oxford rejects – they’re just trying to make us look bad and distract from the truth. It’s no surprise King’s won Varsity against them, our sports pitches are half an hour away whereas theirs aren’t even in London – how do they even manage to train?!

They claim to have a super good-looking maths lecturer but the truth is he left UCL to go and model, clearly because he was bored of the students and their lack of individuality.

The UCL halls may be around Tottenham Court Road and Camden but they pay the price for it – kitchens for whole corridors that are truly disgusting, doors and ceilings in disrepair. If we have a problem it gets fixed. Plus we had a cat in Stamford Street.

So if you want to come to university in London and still have a life then don’t bother with UCL or even LSE or Imperial. Come to King’s, have a great time and a Russell Group education. Not only will you enjoy it more, employers prefer us too. We came sixth in the Complete University Guide’s top 10 UK universities for graduate employment.

UCL didn’t make the list.