The endless advantages of your BFF being the total opposite of you

Opposites attract

When it comes to best mate chemistry, the oldest law applies. Opposites attract. If your top friend is the total opposite of you, life is one giant, permanent silver lining.

Here are some ways you might differ.

There is a colossal height difference between you

In this case, exactly one foot

Life is full of moments when different heights come in handy. Short people can fit through tiny windows and dart through crowds. Tall people can climb trees and reach stuff. Together, you and your friend can do all these things and more. You are unstoppable. You are like the Fantastic Four rolled into two.

When in t’club: if you drop something on the floor, no sweat. The short one is there. If you need to scan for people on the dance floor – the tall one’s on it. If you happen to lose your friend in there, the chances are it won’t be for long. You are such a memorable looking pair that some observant stranger will invariably recognise you and point out where your other half has gone. ‘Hey sweetheart, have you lost your little friend? She’s over there with that geezer in the light-up Nikes’.

One of you wears a lot of black, and the other…not so much

Quite diff

You chuckle when you observe those best friend pairings who dash around anxiously trying to dress and act exactly the same. The difference between you and your best friend chills you out and makes you secure in your own identity. Also, don’t assume friends like this can’t borrow each other’s clothes. She gave me that purple shirt. She used to wear it as a maxi dress. And I have this little black crop top that she uses sometimes as a sweatshirt.

In new social situations, you balance each other out

One of you initially tends to be quite offhand and nonchalant. The danger is people can conclude she’s cold and aloof. Meanwhile, the other is overenthusiastic and smiles all the goddamn time. The danger is people can conclude she’s insincere and vacant. Together, you balance one another out. Your combined characters make a golden medium.

Top tip – if the tall one sits on floor for pics, you’ll be a similar height

Also, your differing social strengths can produce a wide-ranging skill-set, if you pool your knowledge

Exhibit A


Exhibit B

Your political views differ

But this means the other person’s opinion makes your own stance more informed and helps you know your enemy.

the realest coalition

One of you is an unshakable atheist, the other is not

Similarly, one of you is an unshakable vegetarian; the other is not. The fact that you can disagree about subjects as fundamental as God and steak, yet emerge from every argument unscathed, emphasises the integrity of your friendship.

One of you can cook, the other can clean

You are each awful at the other thing. Thus you are a match made in house-mate heaven. Gone are those awkward housekeeping rotas, and passive-aggressive notes on the fridge. In your house, the division of labour effortlessly falls into place.

The carnivore just needs to sometimes buy ready-cooked chicken when the vegetarian goes out

One of you is the world’s most money-cautious human; the other cannot live within her means

X keeps Y in check, and Y can persuade X to occasionally live a little.

Bae’s face when u confess how much money u spent last night

Your tastes and preferences never ever match up

One likes white wine, one likes red. One likes summer, one likes winter. Music, tea, art, laundry ethics, preferred TV show, preferred mode of transport – you have zero common ground. But this is great because your contrasting views enrich and surprise each other. Together, you are the necessary paradox, the most unlikely yet unparalleled combo. Shout out to all the unalike best friends out there – you guys are doing it right.