Everyone you’ll meet at indie night at The Roxy

They’ll all be wearing chequered shirts

Featuring everything from the Arctic Monkeys to Arcade Fire, Tuesday’s indie night at The Roxy has inevitably set a trend for wholehearted hipsters.

That said, you also get those who absolutely despise the themed indie night (or at least claim they do but still make an appearance nonetheless). So who are the cliché attendees you can expect to bump into on a Tuesday night at The Roxy?

The enthusiasts

Undoubtedly there will always be the indie kid who simply loves everything indie: the ones who solely dedicate their time to becoming a music enthusiast  and look down on others with a raw indie snobbery.

They’ll know all the bands that nobody has heard of or claim to have heard of.  Having them on your side does have its perks though: they can guide you into the “real world” of what it’s like to become fully individualistic, giving you tips on how to Instagram your grande gingernut lattes in unique little coffee shops which “piss all over Starbucks”.  A clear gem in any friendship group.

The ones who hate all indie music

In the queue but wanting to leave

There’s always one person who only goes to The Roxy on a Tuesday night because all their mates are going, despite how much they may despise the music played.

They may think “How can I dance to the bloody Smiths?”, but it will give them an insight into a whole new world of indie music they might just like. It may also leave them thinking they hate indie music even more than they initially thought, but we won’t go there.

These people will simply not refuse a night out, even if it means that they have to endure an evening of lurking miserably at The Roxy.

The indie wannabes

Sing along fellas

Almost everyone will come across a person in their friendship group who is like this – the one who tries too hard to be as indie as they can by posting audacious Instagram photos without any hashtags, refusing to do anything that’s remotely mainstream, or wearing the type of Topman clothes which scream “I want to be indie”.

When they experience The Roxy’s indie night they’ll recognise a fair few famous songs, but when it comes down to the ones that the real die hard indie kinds know they’ll simply have no choice but to pretend they know the lyrics of the song or dash out for yet another toilet break.

Don’t worry, they’re easy to spot: they’re the ones who stand around on the dancefloor fixing up their hair and putting their hands in their leather jackets when a mainstream song comes up. Chin up wannabes, being indie is being yourself.

The cheapskates

These people are the ones who budget no more than a fiver for a night out. This leaves very few options if you live in London, but the cheapest night anywhere in London, of course, is indie night at The Roxy.

“£1?! That can’t be true” – oh, it most definitely is.

So firmly place yourself in this category if you’re totally indifferent about what the music is like and all you plan to do is have a good night with your mates while trying to save a bit of cash. We can all admire the cheapskates.

The song requesters

You see me DJ, you see me

Admit it: we’ve all been one of those people who have notes of requested songs saved on their phone to show the DJ, which might have even led to being known by the DJ.

To those people who have requested songs that are still yet to be played – I feel for you. At The Roxy, there will always be a few people who are banging against the plastic shield that separates the DJ from us drunken clubbers.

The DJ, who is fully immersed as he bobs his head to the beat of the music, tends to ignore any request. But, on the odd occasion, he will lift his head up to meet the gaze of a drunken student and play the requested song.

While waiting for a seemingly endless time for that song to be played you start thinking that he was only trying to please you or keep you quiet, but wait until 2:45am – and finally the song you’ve been waiting to hear all night bangs out of the speakers.

Don’t worry requesters, the Roxy DJ will listen if you give him a chance.