Campus style: Effortless chic

Meet the fashion icons of King’s College London

With essays to write, reading to do, tubes to catch and social lives to maintain, life can be a little tough for KCL students. But if you think this will stop us from dressing well, you’re wrong.

We headed down to the Strand Campus to prove that at King’s, fashion really is all around.


19-year-old Film Studies student Alex captures a classic style with zero flaws. She’s rocking a hat, a very “in” piece for the Autumn/Winter season this year. She pulls the all black look off so well that we weren’t surprised when she told us her fashion icon was Anna Karina.


The first thing we noticed about Business student Mustafa was his Adidas Superstars. The way he combined them with a relatively dark outfit and made them “pop” makes his outfit as a perfect example for effortlessly chic. He says his style item is “Of course, Gigi Hadid – but a male version!”

When we asked for a male icon, he said Yeezy, a.k.a. Kanye West. He obviously likes using one colour in his outfits and honestly, we like this look way more than Yeezy Season 2.


When we first saw the International Relations student’s outfit, the all-black-everything look reminded us of a post-Kanye Kim K style, but with an edge. We love how she decorated her arms with various bracelets with the om sign.

Though Hams says she likes the style of many bloggers and celebrities, she says she’s mostly “inspired by the colour black”.


The 20-year-old Film Studies student has shoes brighter than my future. He looks comfortable in his outfit yet manages to look stylish at the same time. When asked about his style icon, he gave the response every fashionable guy on earth should: David Beckham.


The fierce hair, the unique coat and oh, the Docs! Who doesn’t like Docs? We love how Performing Arts student Lissy combined hers with a button-up A line skirt and a simple grey jumper.

When asked about her style icon, Lissy responds with “my friends”. Judging from her gorgeous outfit, we’d love to see her fashionable clique.


29-year-old Law student Tim follows an autumnal colour pattern with shades of green and brown. When asked about his style icon he responds “Liam Gallagher”, so we can only assume he was listening to Oasis.


Law student Zeina is part of the Fashion Society, so she’s very excited when we approach her. Her fashion icon, she says, is obviously herself. In reality, she reveals it’s Chiara Ferragni.

And finally me, Mina 

Today I wore an oversized simple white shirt with matching white sneakers, some classic Nike Air Force 1s. Confidence is easier to achieve in stylish sneakers than uncomfortable heels. And never forget, confidence is key.

See you next time.