The Scouse accent is the best in the world

It’s really fit

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As a city, Liverpool always  manages to get a bit of flack for pretty much everything. So naturally, the rest of the country can’t help but notice that we have a bit of a quirky accent.

We were even said to have the most unintelligent and least trustworthy accent according to a nationwide survey a few years ago.

However, this is a stereotype that I really want to abolish because I think we all know that the Scouse accent is actually a thing of abstract beauty. It’s the accent that you all hate to love. Whatever we say is unavoidably, unconditionally Scouse and let’s be honest, it sounds boss.


It’s really fit

I have no idea where people get off saying that its an unattractive accent. Scouse is the fittest accent going. It has an unavoidable roughness, a charm if you will. The accent has varying degrees – it ranges from pretty mild, to a person needing subtitles and having to steer clear of any words with an “ugh” sound in them.

But all ends of the spectrum have their own perks. Take Rebecca Ferguson for example. A pretty girl by her own right, but that perfect Scouse twang is the thing that really gets you.

The same can be said if you ever find yourself weirdly attracted to John Bishop.

Everything gets “The” put in front of it

We have this way of altering the name of things to best fit in with the way we talk. “The” is thrown onto the start of almost everything, particularly supermarket names for some reason – e.g The Asda, The Tesco.

We know how to shorten sentences

Scousers also have an interesting way of shaving down words so that they are practically unrecognisable to the outside world.

“I’ll be with you in about 10 minutes” becomes “I’ll be wi’ ye in abar 10 minz.” And let’s not forget that we say the correct way ‘Home and Bargains’, am I right?

It means we can get our point across quicker. That’s called efficiency.

It’s another language, and that’s alluring

Kecks and Wools. Sagging and sacking off? Have you ‘Gorra cob on? We’re mysterious and those only makes us more attractive to the outside world. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but all non-Scousers can manage is yelling “Stevie Gerrard” in a high pitched voice. You’ll have to do better than that.

Ultimately, the best thing about the our accent is the people that  hold it. Liverpudlians are so relentlessly proud of the accent and the city that it really does shine through. I found a group on Facebook called “The Scouse accent is the best in the world”, and about 90 per cent of its comments are just people saying “alright mate!” and “ye maaa”.

We really are a thing of beauty.