Things you’ll only get if you studied in Copenhagen

The Mermaid statue isn’t all that great

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Studying abroad is the perfect way to get to know new places and experience new things. Copenhagen is an amazing place to study, but there are certain things that  you’ll need to know before studying there.

When talking money, always move the decimal place

Otherwise you’ll get a shock when you land in Denmark to find that a bottle of Coke is twenty Krone. Price tags in Copenhagen may look scary, but one British Pound is actually (around) ten Danish Krone, so nothing is actually as expensive as it looks.

Christiana is the place to be


It’s one of those places that you’ll never understand until you’ve been there. Your course mates will tell you about this cool Hippie commune near town where somehow the sale of weed is legal and alcohol is actually affordable, but you’ll never believe it until you are standing in front of the ‘Green Mile’ of Christiana. This place is a heaven for students and once you’ve been, you will return every week.

You can actually earn money for recycling

Denmark may not be known for being the healthiest of countries, however they are very big on recycling, and most supermarkets and food shops will have a machine that will exchange your old plastic bottles for cash. Be prepared to spend the next year getting overly excited when you spot a plastic bottle that you can exchange for the equivalent of 30p.

You will spend all of your money in ‘Joe and the Juice’

Its the edgiest coffee place in the world. The cafe that makes you feel like you are in a nightclub. The lighting is dim, the music is loud, they even offer shots. Joe and the Juice is a rare find in England, however it is on every street corner of Copenhagen. Each juice you drink could set you back around forty Krone, but how can you resist?

The work is way harder


For some reason, the level of study that we would consider Masters level, is actually a Bachelors in Denmark, meaning that you are technically around two years ahead of yourself when you study there. Be prepared for a world of 4 hour long lectures and eight thousand word essays. Luckily all you have to do is pass, so don’t fret too much.

The mermaid statue isn’t all that great


But everyone who visits you will insist that you go and see it. It is literally a little statue of a girl with a tale, I don’t know where people are getting this idea that it is a must-see.