VOTE: What is the best takeaway in Liverpool?

Everyone’s got an opinion

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As any student can tell you, nothing matters to your night out more than the food you eat after it.

It can literally make or break any outing, so naturally, where you choose to spend your last couple of pounds is a very important decision. Do you keep it local and go to a chippy, or break the bank at Dominoes?

We want to know what’s the best takeaway in Liverpool.



They are never shy with the red salt and they throw cheese on your chips for nothing. You have to love Nabzys.

And let’s not forget it’s a mere five minute walk from concert square. When you’re drunk it means you can usually just about make it without getting yourself into any trouble. Legendary.


Sure it’s called ‘Harvey’s’ or something now, but we all know that it’s still Chesters. The queue always packs this place out and for good reason, they undoubtedly do the best chicken in town. If you’re drunk and skint, Chesters is definitely the place for you.

Hot ‘N’ Tender

Everybody who has ever been to Liverpool has warned you about this place, and you’ve got food poisoning every single time that you’ve been, but 4am you just doesn’t care.

Forget beer goggles, you have beer taste buds. After a few quad vod and cokes, you just can’t get that Hot ‘N’ Tender chicken out of your head.

Johnny English Fish and Chip Shop

Have you ever seen anyone so sad to be eating chips?

Have you ever seen anyone so sad to be eating chips?

Right in the middle of Bold Street, this is one of the only chippys in Liverpool that is open when Concert Square is. They also have their own salt and pepper seasoning mix, and its pretty special.

Mr Chips


You would never set foot in this place during the day. But after a night in LEVEL, who even cares? You’ve been sweating so much that your top is a completely new colour anyway. Mr Chips all round, and you’ll probably order an extra portion for the journey home.



A new and welcome addition to the London road collection of takeaways. Not only do they deliver, but they also make their own milkshakes. Forget getting that body beach ready, if there is an establishment open later than midnight that sells both pizza and milkshakes, you simply have to take advantage. There is literally nothing more that you could want after a night in The Raz.